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In Topic: Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"

Yesterday, 03:39 PM

A bit more done,...

Cut off all A arms from the vette chassis..


Added pins


Built up the frame with milliput and scrap styrene..


Installed A arms in raised position


Wheels are just for mocking up



Now.... dryfit ,cut, dryfit, cut, sand, dryfit,  etc. :blink:



oh ... is Ricardo available to weld up a tank,.. for me!?!

In Topic: It's not hard. Why don't more posters use photos in their threads?

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

When posting photos, how do you get to the Model Cars Photobucket? Thanks.

Photobucket is an app that you set up on your own computer
Upload your photos to photobucket...
Select the picture you want to download to your post here...
Press IMG ...
Return here to your post and right click and choose paste...

Easy peezy

In Topic: 1967 MPC/1966 Revell Pontiac GTO

Yesterday, 11:03 AM


Okay, I think I'll give it a shot.  HOWEVER - if I do, is it like clearcoat with "no going back?"

This goes under the paint (primer/sealer) 

In Topic: Name That Tune....

Yesterday, 04:00 AM

Harry should get this one (can anyone beat him to it?):


Ten silver saxes,
a bass with a bow
The drummer relaxes
and waits between shows

Neil Young

Cinnamon girl

In Topic: Name That Tune....

23 January 2015 - 12:33 PM

OOOh ya 

Suck my kiss