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Build up in WIP need help.

17 March 2014 - 10:13 AM

Hi guys I'm in need of a little help with a build I started in WIP. I'm building a 32 ford sedan but its skewed towards a Pro Mod type chassis. 1:25 scale.

Here's my question.

What size and where can I get the rear 4 link brackets, and what size RB rod ends and tubing should I use. I guess also chassis brackets.

Thanks in advance for your help as this will now only be my 3rd build I may be in way over my head, but what the heck if it takes me a few months and a couple hundred bucks, and turns out like junk what have I lost, not much and I hopefully will have gained a bunch of knowledge about this stuff.

P.S. if you happen to look at my build and have any suggestion or comments please speak up, that's how I'm getting most of my knowledge at this point.


32 ford sedan sort of Pro Modded. 3/17/14

14 March 2014 - 04:32 PM

Picked this up today not sure where I'm going with it yet but I think chopped, slammed and a blown Hemi. Going to be all new skills to build this one for me so who knows if it will survive or if we will have a ceremonial crushing. lol

Should be fun wish me luck.

Build #3 for me I'm in way over my head. lol

My attempt at an AMT 66 Nova

12 March 2014 - 05:40 PM

This one gave me fits only my 2nd build ever please let me know what you think good or bad so I can learn and get better. This is my first under glass.

Thanks to those who gave tips, encouragement and advice along the way.
My collection of builds. lol

P.S. Still need to make some mufflers and finish sanding the rear tires but I'm calling it done for now.

It's not a Hemi Cuda but still fun. 66 Nova update 3/12/14 Now under glass

09 January 2014 - 06:08 PM

Since the weather has not been to cooperative lately I have decided to start on another build and will continue with the Cuda when I can get some more paint work done. I bought this one because it I thought I might be able to steal some parts for the Cuda but decided I didn't need anything so I will do a out of the box build to continue with my schooling.

This one is requiring a whole lot more prep work than the Revell kit. Any suggestions or comments will greatly appreciated as this will be my 2nd build and the first is not even done yet.

Question what do you guys use as a body filler, that is easily sandable, I'm working on the motor right now and need some filler.


Hemi Cuda just for fun.

26 December 2013 - 11:38 AM

Hi all my name is Bob and this is my first attempt at building a model, well at least since I was a kid 40 plus years ago.

My wife bought me a Cuda to build for my birthday,  and well if you know me then you know things are starting to get out of hand already. I will try and post up some pics to get you up to speed on my craziness.


Any and all advice and comments are welcome I truly am a newb at this stuff and would like to learn so I'm sure I will have lots

of questions along the way.


Thanks in advance for all your help.




This is where it started she bought me 1 model and a tube of glue. Then it began. lol