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Siebel Si202 "Hummel"

04 October 2014 - 05:46 PM

I am first and foremost a car guy. But I do like other things too, and pretty much anything with an engine in it will grab my attention. I must confess to be drawn to aircraft for some reason, but I do have a somewhat complicated relationship to them. First off - I am not one of those who think war is cool, so military planes are out (regardless of what technological wonders they might be - its for the wrong reason). Then, I find airliners about as exiting as the city bus, so those are out too. On the other hand, sports planes, bush planes and the like are worthy candidates to me. I could make the stretch to air taxi and small regional airliners but I draw the line by the size of a Twin Otter. I stick to 1/72 scale for reasons of convenience (inconvenience). The boxes are small so they don't take up too much room, and the selection is limited so the collecting bug doesn't get out of hand.  And, I build them for therapy. I have found that I have a hard time letting go of my aspirations when building car models, and I get frustrated when things turn out less than satisfactory. Not so with my planes. They only need to provide recreational enjoyment and look good enough to hang from the ceiling of my basement hobbyroom.

I felt it was time to build a plane again, so I pulled this one from the pile. I chose this one for the reason that the box is big, and by building the model I would get the box out of the way and free up space in the shelving. Sound reasoning - right?


So here we are, my Siebel 202 in good progress. It is a German plane from the WWII era, and the story is: As war was breaking out, the German government notified a number of the smaller aircraft manufacturers that they would not get any development contracts for the military, and that they might want to concentrate their efforts on small civilian aircraft. This is one resulting machine. As I understand the plane was made out of wood. Fuselage covered in plywood, and rubber and elevator covered in fabric.




The decal sheet and box art both have swastikas, but don't worry. They will not be used. This will become a fictional privately operated plane in "harmless" colors. AML failed to provide a pilot in the kit, so I found a 1/87 railroad scenery figure to do the job. Now after the fact I find that I happened to paint him to resemble Austin Powers, but thats OK. I'm sure he'll do a fine job of it. 



There will be more to come..   eventually.

The modeler and his .. dragon..

18 September 2014 - 05:09 AM

This is little more than a concept or fledgling idea at the moment. It all started by my LHS having some Moebius figure kits on sale. Now, I'm not really a figure modeler myself, but I am fascinated by what those who are into that end of the hobby, and there is a certain draw so I picked on up. The character is a "dr. Deadly"in 1/13 scale - apparently from a '60s TV show that I've never heard of and much less actually seen. I didn't know just what part he was going to play for me, but once he was assembled I gave him a HO scale railroad truck to hold and decided he could possibly be a car modeler like you and me. He already has an apron on and if I make him on of those head-mounted magnifiers and put it on in the raised position, it could hide hat scar on his forehead. He would of course also need a workbench with supplies - that will be challenging, but not impossible. 

As I was playing around with him, I put him down and left the room for a brief moment, and when I came back I realized I had put him down just in front of this dinosaur I had assembled with my daughter some months before. I found that the two of them together took on a new dynamics, and expanded the concept into something else, and took it somewhere I wouldn't dare venture on my own. But it just happened - sort of. The dragon! I cannot really say that mine is too bad, but I hear stories and it seems that most if not all of us have one - or can relate to the situation.

The dinosaur is an old Tamiya T-Rex in 1/35 scale given to me by a well-meaning neighbor cleaning out her basement. And while it is rather crude and doesn't look much like a T-Rex or anything else for that matter, I figured it could be a reasonable starting point for a dragon. So it is getting a comb down the back, a pair of bat-like wings and a bright red/orange paintjob with off-white or cream color for the belly/underbody.

I might have to be a bit shady on working on this one, and refrain from displaying the finished piece center stage, or somebody might take offense.