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Chrome Plating removal (revell color mix / paint remover)

05 March 2015 - 01:11 PM

This is my first post on here, so please forgive me if it in the wrong place or I am posting something that has already being explored.

I am currently building a Revell kit- mercedes benz sls amg and going for an orange scheme that I seen on the internet with satin black wheels. As the kit comes with plated silver wheels, I tried some of the suggestions on here to get rid of the plating. However they didnt work to well ( maybe the household cleaners are not strong enough here in Ireland)
As I was also working with Revell colour mix and Revell's new paint remover I decided to give them a go.And experment a little, hold a breath and hope it works.
Here are the results.
I tried the paint remover by soaking the a wheel I chose as the victim for 2 minutes, then 5 then 10 no result.
I then tried the same with the Revell colour mix, again same result.
I then decided to scratch off some of the plating and plunged the wheel back into the colour mix for about 5 minutes... hay presto some or the plating was easily removed with a bit of scrubbing. I then threw caution to the wind and plunged the wheel into the Revell paint remover without rinsing off the colour mix, hoping and praying it would not shrivel up into a ball of plastic goo..
Left there for 5-6 minutes and whay hay. The plating just rubbed off with no effort using a cotton bud (cue tip for my American cousins :-) )
A quick scrub with an old tooth brush and hey presto almost every trace of plating was gone. A quick wash under warm water and almost perfect, another bath in Revell colour mix then Revell paint remover and all will be gone.
The plastic dos not seem distorted or warped / damage in any way. It worked for me. Now Just to apply some primer and a top coat of some satin black and see the final result will prove if this works or not. I will let you know
Some what quicker than the engine de-greasers and household products I have tried before. 15 / 20 minutes and the plating was gone. I have some photos but cant upload them from my phone, I will when I get a chance to on my PC.

Disclaimer Bit... :-)
I take no responsability what so ever in any way if anybody attemps my method to remove the chrome plating from revell model kits. No responasibility will be take if any Warping, damage or other accures in anyway to any model kit using this method. As layed out this was my experment and it worked for me. I can not guarentee it will work for everyone or on any model kit in paricular. I have only tried this p ROG model kit 07100 mercedes benz sls amg.And no other kit or manufacurers kit. :-)