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Transformation of a Monster Dodge

26 May 2014 - 09:46 AM

There was a Ebay vendor who listed 3 or 4 of the Monster Dodge trucks & big 4WD model & having lost another Dodge truck due to me being a Scotsman  I figured that I'd set my high bid on $17.50 each & see where that went


I won this for $9.00, another friend won one too for $17.95 ( I told him he better check with me before bidding)




No being one to sport another man's build as mine  It quickly fell apart




The suspension is fitted to a LRE chassis so there will now be a Monster Dodge Warlock




The LWB Monster Dodge without stripes on it's way to 2WD


Chrysler Super Stock teams & transporters

15 May 2014 - 03:38 PM

In my chair I leaned back one evening & was staring at the Hemi Dart sitting on it & thought I know what I'll do with those two (I was thinking of the two L700 transporters I have started) & soon I had dug out 5 Dart kits & 3 Barracuda kits 

The teams as it stands now will be 


68 440 A/T Dart

68 426 A/T Dart

68 426 M/T Dart




69 A12 RoadRunner

69 426 A/T Barracuda

69 426 M/T Barracuda


Here's some of the pics so far




Here's the other transporter with the same Dart




The sleeper setup will be different on the other transporter 




Here's some of the cars so far

The two Hemi Darts are mini tubbed with the springs relocated the same way as  Mopar said to




interiors built & suspensions built




Here's one of the Barracudas





More pics as the parts & builds come closer together

Richard Petty Magnum & Transporter

21 April 2014 - 08:27 PM

I've got a resin 78 Dodge Magnum body that I'm going to build as a Petty car & build the transporter as well





The grille already has the Nascar style mesh




I need a 72-4 Dodge Charger Nascar chassis to do this

TV Tommy Ivo L700

09 April 2014 - 07:26 PM

While I was hunting pics for details for a build I stumbled upon this pic of TV Tommy Ivo's twin axle L700 transporter & having that love for the L700 I knew I had to at least try to build it



GLMFAA1 sent me two FireTruck frames to which when I get the decals done his name will be listed as a crewmember  


Here's one of the long FireTruck frames he sent with my L700 mockup cab fitted & front axle relocated




Here's the difference in the wheelbase of the two




I lengthened the inner wheel housings using parts that had been cut off my FireTruck HaulerHome



Who makes RV fixtures?

14 March 2014 - 05:09 PM

In the past I have bought kit after kit of the same thing to get certain parts for my builds & when I was drafting my HaulerHome in my head I figured that I'd buy a Racers Wedge/Camper kit & rob the RV fixtures I needed from the camper kit Then while laying some things out the other night I figured I'd ask here if there's anyone who does the RV type of stuff

I'd have to search out 3 Revell 359 Petes just to get the beds from the sleepers alone & I want to do more than one RV type kit involving car transport

Any help is greatly appreciated