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In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 10:33 AM

The sound that always raises my own hackles is a Huey coming in at treetop level. I live under an approach to a regional airport, and a couple of civilianized Hueys nest there.
The sound of fireworks in the neighborhood doesn't bother me, but somebody let off a string of what sounded just like heavy caliber machine gun fire in the distance last night, and that was a little spooky.

I would love to hear the sound of a Huey again, other than YouTube.

In Topic: Cars that SHOULD be in the USA

Today, 10:28 AM

What year is it?

In Topic: 1965 Chevelle Station Wagon

Today, 01:35 AM


In Topic: love it

Today, 12:55 AM

Here in the real world, most of us don't know the first thing about hacking. But hey- THANK YOU for telling the whole world about a security issue on this site. Maybe someone can bring the whole thing crashing down. If that happens, and I can't communicate with you because of it, let me offer you a preemptive pat on the back.

You are no better, you cause plenty of drama. I think he did a good thing, a explanation of what it was would have been good, but a good thing none the less.

In Topic: Cars that SHOULD be in the USA

Today, 12:51 AM

Should "have" been here....



What is it? Looks like a Mercury version of a 71 Torino.