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Building a 1/4 Lamborghini

16 June 2007 - 11:52 PM

Hi everyone. I started my project two years ago. I'm building a Murcielago from scratch. I need advices and help from experts. This is something I've never done before. The body is almost done, there are several areas left that need to be finished. I will use fiberflass for the body (and I plan to use fiberglass for the technical parts like the engine, and the interior, the latter will be upholstered with leather).

But until then, there are some problems I need to solve:

- The first main issue is finding a perfect material for the lights/widows. The best material I can think of is plexid. I'm a little worried about plexid thogh, I don't know how can I bend the plexid (to have the lines of the windshield), and there are parts that need to bent at an angle too. And I'm worried, plexid will loose it's transparency over some time.
- The second are the tyres. Is there any way to make rubber tyres at home? I heard about some rubber material that is available here, but that has a light brown-ish colour, not black. First I thought I'll make the tyres of fiberglass too, but at a 1/4 scale it's disappointing to have plastic wheels.

Here are some pics:
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