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In Topic: What does NNL stand for?

26 May 2008 - 10:05 AM

Thanks a million guys.
Sometimes something will get in my head and will drive me crazier than usual.

In Topic: What does NNL stand for?

26 May 2008 - 10:00 AM

You guys are almost right.
First, it is NOT a model club, as stated above.
The history of the first NNL in Ohio, was documented by Tim Boyd in an issue of MCM about 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe Gregg will see this and tell you what issue it was.
Mark Gustavson, in the 1980's tried to put together a very serious judged model car contest in Salt Lake. He invited the very best modelers from around the nation and the world to attend. This was going to be the very best of the elite in the hobby. If I recall, only 3 people responded to his invitations.
He later wrote a somewhat angry ediorial piece in Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine calling the invitees the national luminaries of the hobby who will remain nameless.
A few good modelers and friends in Ohio decided to meet the next year in one of their garages just to show off their latest builds. They called themselves the National Nameless Luminaries. The get-together became an annual thing, just to look at each other's work with no competeion of any kind among them. They outgrew the garage and their "little get-together" grew into the National NNL in Toledo. Eventually a theme or two was added each year and by people's choice, a small award was given out for the most votes in the theme(s) category. Many more NNL's started up around the country as non-judged modelling events, also with an annual theme.
Today, the Toledo NNL draws about 800-1000 models and some of the best car modelers in the nation.
The largest NNL in the world is NNL EAST, drawing at least 1000 people and 1500-1800 car models.
And there's your history lesson for today. kids. :)