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In Topic: OK admit it. You've sat in the dentist chair and thought:" What a gre...

20 June 2014 - 03:45 AM

My former dentist (now retired) used to save picks and drill bits for me, His replacement is not nearly as into models as the old one.


In Topic: paint for clear lenses that are suppose to be amber

01 April 2014 - 11:21 AM

I  use glass stain for lenses. |t works well over chrome lenses and over silver paint otherwise. I mix yellow- orange for amber. 



In Topic: 6 in 1 milling machine/lathe?

24 March 2014 - 02:45 AM

I have one of those Unimat 1  lathes. They are OK for plastic or wood but forget about metal turning. They are a bit of a pain to convert to various tools. I use mine mainly for cutting round stock and truing up ends, I've had mine for 20+ years but I wouldn't buy another.


In Topic: Shop Built Shunt Truck ( a yarn about a yard goat)

23 March 2014 - 03:46 PM

Thanks Gus for all the kind words.

There is not much of a back story to this build. A while ago I built a backdrop display to photograph mainly construction models. I hung a sign on the door for Big Tom's track works. Tom is a diecast dealer who has separated me from many a dollar over the years. Table top industries is another display dio. The family connection is purely fictional. But I'm glad you liked the story. I made it up to justify the creation of a dumb model.



In Topic: The Orange Fleet

17 March 2014 - 07:57 AM

A very impressive fleet you have there JT.  You are going to have to expand your parking lot soon.  The idea of a truck stop diorama has merit. Also you could go with a DOT inspection station or a ferry dock. I really like your orange fleet.