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VW Golf Pickup

13 December 2014 - 05:56 PM

Every year the model club that I belong to has a build theme lottery were everyone throws their best ideas into a hat and one is chosen as a group build.This years theme was "Rancheros, El Caminos or similar  phantoms.  I figured that starting with a station wagon would be the easiest way to go. However a quick check of my stash only came  up with a WV Golf hatchback. 



I had won this kit as a door prize and had no plans to build it so I was quite willing to sacrifice it to a razor saw.


The major conversion work consisted of shortening the door length and stretching the truck bed by the same amount so that the chassis pan would stay the same.

A Dodge VTS kit donated box bed and bulkhead parts. The Wheels and tires came from a fujimi tire kit The paint is Crimson nail polish.





the truck bed scratch build. The inner door panels also came from the VTS kit


and this is how it turned out









Thanks for looking


British American Oil Tanker

05 April 2014 - 07:46 AM

This is a what if project. B/A was an important oil company in earl 20th century Canada. It was gobbled up by Gulf in the late 60's. If it had survived this is a possable b/B tank truck.

I started with the RoG centipede tanker.



I didn't like the look of the 6 axle setup so I removed the front 2 axles and shortened the fenders to match.




I have yet to build a tractor for this trailer however I did stick an old gluebomb Mack under it and have decided that  a COE tractor looks right.






more to come

Thanks for looking


Roving used car lot

25 March 2014 - 06:59 AM

This is a recently completed project. The RofG auto rack was an unpainted but well built glue bomb that I acquired several ears ago. The tractor in an AMT LNT8000 kit. The only mods to the trailer was to improve the rear axles and add break drums. Also modified the hydraulic plumbing. The tractor was repowered with a Cummins out of the Autocar dump truck. I built the head rack to carry another vehicle. It is not easy to paint this trailer after it is built. lots of corners that an airbrush won't reach










This model allows me to display up to 7 model vehicles in a small area. I still have to do some tractor to trailer plumbing and to install tie downs once i decide on the cargo to display

Thanks for loooing


Shop Built Shunt Truck ( a yarn about a yard goat)

16 March 2014 - 12:05 PM

The Saga of the Yard Goat


Over at Tabletop Industries, The owner who is big Tom cheap brother-in-law decided that they needed a shunt truck to handle the congestion in their shipping and receiving yard. So he asked Tom if he could put something together for him.  



Since things were winding down for the winter, Tom agreed to have the boys in the shop could probably  build something. His back lot was full of junked equipment. So with a deal in place both Tom and Sid headed off to warmer climes and left the build to the boys in the shop.

Tom’s instructions before he left was to build a yard goat from parts that they could scrounge from the scrap yard out back, but to make it look good or his sister would wreak havoc on him. So before the snow got too deep the boys dragged a bunch of stuff into the shop and started cutting and welding. In order to build a yard goat you should probably start with a goat. They found and old Dodge L700 glider. This was there starting point. Needing a power train they found most of it in a wrecked Louisville.  A 3208 Cat and an Allison auto tranny.  Some frame splicing was required to get the correct wheelbase.



The rear axle was mounted rigidly to the frame and the truck was converted to air brakes



 After shoehorning the power train into the frame, the boys then fabricated a hydraulic lift for the 5th wheel, custom built and exhaust system from Italeri parts, converted the fuel tanks into step tanks for easier access to the rear deck and found an old Euclid air cleaner



Rather than buy custom rads, they just piggy backed some extra rad cores onto the original Dodge rad. This also included power steering cooling because the power steering pump was modified to run the hydraulics as well DSCN1015_zpsa8afc422.jpg



The rolling chassis was almost complete



Most of the trailer hookup stuff was derived from Italeri Accessory packs.




And finally as spring approaches the Yard Goat is rolled out the door.




Inside the cab a new consul was built to house controls for the auto trans, 5th wheel lift and the new air brake controls including a trailer brake spike.





Thanks for looking



GMC Motorhome

30 December 2013 - 09:59 AM

I'm calling the conversion of my Hess training van to a motorhome complete. I still haven't glued the two hull halves together because I still want access to the interior. 

Anyway for 20 odd years it sat on a shelf looking like this:



Today it looks like so:




I managed to fix the broken front bumper however the cracked windshield is beyond my talent level so I live with it.







The model club I belong to had a theme build this year of GMC which was my incentive to finally build this. Hense the club logo plate on the model.


After this build my parts bins are a lot thinner. I cabbaged parts from many different kits. The open Road camper, The T-600KW and the lost in space Chariot provided many of the pieces as well as Italeri

accessory kits.

Thanks for looking