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In Topic: Mustang "Shorty"

Today, 05:00 AM

and right here on the MCM Board http://www.modelcars...showtopic=71627



In Topic: Mustang "Shorty"

Today, 04:55 AM

Nothin' new.  :lol:  custom-classic-cars.jpg2.jpg002.jpg1957chevyshortycustsr100611.jpg4982989417_384ab54a10.jpg1.jpgveh2_resized.jpgshortylongycadillac_resized.jpg

In Topic: So we finally get a Starsky and Hutch Torino, How about series of TV kits ?

Today, 04:10 AM

There is a kit of the mad max falcon. It's very nice:)


http://www.1999.co.j...0&itkey=mad max


"mad max" from the movie ?  :wacko:

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Today, 04:06 AM


In Topic: hobby lobby

Yesterday, 06:00 PM


I don't think you read the bulk of this thread. Go back and you'll see that Hobby Lobby has an overwhelming amount of products throughout the store that are useful to modelers, not necessarily in the kit section.


That's what I was thinking. Man talk about walkin' around with your eyes closed.  -_- But then again, it's only 40% off, that's almost half.  :lol: