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In Topic: Red White & Blue Models

Today, 11:59 AM

Wow ! James, really start off with a great build and Snake's no slouch.  :)

In Topic: Red White and Blue for the 4th of July Poll

Today, 05:23 AM

See http://www.modelcars...howtopic=103511   B)

In Topic: Terrible Kits You Love!

Today, 04:06 AM

Most lindburg kits are poor details...




But great building blocks as you have shown, great build.  ;)

In Topic: Terrible Kits You Love!

Today, 03:48 AM


In Topic: Standardize Wheel Attachment

Yesterday, 04:57 PM

and with all the food alergies around these are getting harder to find. Dunkin don't have 'em.  :angry: Chocolate-Frosted-Peanut-Cake.jpg