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70th Anniversary of D-Day

06 June 2014 - 08:44 AM

Take a little time today to honor and thank the Greatest Generation, our troops, and the allied troops for their extreme sacrifices 70 years ago, and for all the freedoms we've enjoyed the past 7 decades as a result. 



53 Studebaker Champion - "My First Car" Replica

22 May 2014 - 12:38 AM

In a seemingly never-ending parade (Ha!), comes forth yet another example of a finished model from my shelves.  Yes, Virginia, Danno does complete one once in a great while.


This is an older build, a replica of my first 1:1 car project from my younger days.  I picked up a '53 Studebaker Champion 2door coupe from the police auction ~ complete except for engine and transmission.  An Honest Charley engine mounting kit, a junkyard 327 and Muncie, some Starbird-esque radiused wheelwells framing a pair of slicks, a set of Cragars, and a custom interior, and Danno had a street machine!    





It's not exactly a replica of the 1:1, because the big car never got its finished interior.  But in 1:25 scale, it was easier to complete.  Buckets all around (parts box pair from who-know-where were resin cast to make four) straddled a full-length console that flowed from the mahogany dashboard.  Under the standard Studebaker dash brow, a custom mahogany panel was home to a full set of Stewart-Warner gauges including tach and speedo. 




The body was shaved, hood nosed, and everything smoothed to highlight the near-perfect Raymond Loewy lines of the car that was 'way ahead of its time.  What chrome was left to enhance the body was BMF'ed on the model.




Lest anyone think she was mere trailer queen, the rear treatment was simple but pure muscle. 




The "barn" was where the horses were kept.  Hooker headers routed the spent gases to the Thrush mufflers and straight duals.  In true gasser-era fashion, I hacked out the lumpy stock firewall and replaced it with a flat sheet of aluminum ~ for show, of course ~ and dressed up the 327 with some chrome and polished aluminum.




All in all, she was a fun build - both in 1:1 and 1:25.  I still have the little one and I can't begin to tell how many times I've regretted giving up the big one!





Hope you've enjoyed her, and hope we haven't overstayed our welcome.




PT Ute

17 May 2014 - 06:55 AM

In my occasionally-continuing effort to remind myself (and others) that I actually finish some of my projects, I present my "If I Designed It" PT Ute.


A Cruiser pick-em-up concept, if you will. 




Completed some time ago, I whacked the majority of the roof off, scratched up a bed and rear bulkhead for the cab, then blended all together.  I didn't intend for it to have a tailgate, and I achieved that goal (LOL), although it has body seams that 'suggest' a traditional tailgate. [Do you like my ad-agency style spin?]  Sprayed-in bedliner simulated with satin black overcoated with thick flat black sprayed from a distance to introduce texture.




Used the Black Force kit wheels & tires, thinking they were the best blend of nostalgia and modern.  Added tinted windows (exposed 35mm film) and sunroof and a scratch-built bed floor of real basswood and stain. 




I had this crazy idea to see what red oxide primer would look like clear-coated.  So, I applied a base of ROP and polished that.  Then, in an early experiment with flames, I made a masking tape mask, and applied a fade from white-hot to gold to silver, with a yellow fog on the front bumper and valance below.  The whole thing was cleared with Pearl Clear.   




Two comments on the finish:  (1) I've never been satisfied with the front bumper.  It sucks.  I tried stripping it and chroming it, and that just doesn't look right, either.  I may just give in and paint it white or satin black.  (2)  The pearl-over-primer turned out kind of a custom brick color.  Not very flashy and this model gets over-looked all the time.  I won't do this kind of finish again.  But, it was interesting.




Oh, yeah.  Don't overlook the blue dots!   Those were tiny craft store gems added to the stock taillights.  I thought they turned out cool, but they're easily missed because they're sooo tiny.  Made the license plate on the ole computater. 



Check it out! 



Bob Peeples Cobra Preservation Project

09 May 2014 - 12:06 AM

We have reached an agreement with the family of Bob Peeples wherein the Moonlight Modelers Club will acquire his legendary unfinished Cobra CSX project with all its unassembled components and reference material. 

They have withdrawn the model from sale.


The International Model Car Builder's Museum has expressed enthusiastic desire to receive and display the project as a demonstration of super-detailing that can be accomplished, even in 1/25 scale.


We do not intend to complete the model.  It will be displayed as the in-progress build it was, amid its unassembled components and research material.  Once we acquire the model, we will be working with the museum to prepare an appropriate exhibit platform. 


We intend to make the formal presentation of the exhibit to the museum next May at the 25th GSL.


Donations to help fund the acquisition and the exhibit can be made directly to the museum and will therefore be tax deductible as 501-C3 charitable contributions.  Donors will be provided receipt certificates.  The proceeds of the acquisition contributions will be distributed to Bob's family through the museum.


Make contributions payable to:   "Model Car Builder’s Museum"


Please mail any contributions to:

Model Car Builder’s Museum

1348 Longdale Drive

Sandy, UT  84092

What's in Portland?

22 April 2014 - 10:43 PM

What hobby shops or places-to-see/be are there in Portland, OR?