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pics of "Smut's" Malibu as found a few years ago......

10 June 2012 - 09:28 AM

Posted Image...I have a friend that located this old stocker in Guntersville, Alabama a few years ago. After some homework and a call to Jimmy hisself, turns out this was one of his cars from the mid 70's....Posted Image

...possible the car pictured below.....Posted ImagePosted Image

after it was retired is was modified for Saturday Night short track use, then put out to pasture to rot away. I heard that someone had purchased it as you see here with the intent to restore it

Posted Image

Lets see some "phantoms", cars that never ran or were submitted but never used...

06 May 2012 - 08:34 AM

seeing the Mirada and Imperials that are under construction has got me excited again!

I've got the Little CeasarsLincoln MKIII and also the BoJangles Cougar from the 90's in resin, but those are still in the box waiting for some inspiration.

What other cars were propsed or built but never made it to Cup racing? I know a few cars were used once or twice, like the '69 GrandPrix and the early 70's Grand Am.

Model car pics or actual car pics are welcome in this thread.Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I did build a phantom Torino "King Cobra"(R&D Resin body combined with Revell Promodel Torino and PolarLights Cyclone chassis), and started on the Daytona II (AMT 71 Charger with AMT Daytona add ons), Superbird II (MPC kit right out the box) and also the Mercury "Super Cyclone" (Unkown resin with addition of scraps such as the hood from Datsun280zx).