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PM sent!!!!

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Hello How are You

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Yesterday, 01:06 PM

Casey....fun....I'd long forgotten about that post.


As for the crystal ball being clear...well...sometimes yes, sometimes no. 


BTW....yes I had made this '70 'cuda proposal to Revell, actually several times ...but at the time I wrote this post, it was not really under serious consideration from what I was able to tell.   That had to wait for at least another 2 to 3 years.....during that period, others were proposing the same idea, as well.  TIM

When I propose an Idea to my Bosses, I usually have to make it sound like it was their Idea All Along.

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Yesterday, 12:56 PM

Your correct about the pictures not doing justice. Could you dust it with a little aluminum paint to help bring out the detail some. From the small amount that I can focus on, it does look Good.

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Yesterday, 04:59 AM

If your willing to trade the 1320 dragster& the Revell 66 GTO. I would trade.