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Yesterday, 02:57 PM

With Rain Sometimes, Comes Damage, the wind-knocked down a Mesquite tree, into the block fencing taking out about four Courses of fence, and two Queen Palms.

In Topic: Eight Foot Fall Equals Broken Leg

Yesterday, 02:54 PM

Ouch,  Get Well soon. 

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Yesterday, 06:02 AM

I listen to 50s&60s era music "Rock n Roll will never die".

In Topic: New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB

Yesterday, 05:58 AM

Amazing can't hardly wait for these

In Topic: What type and brand of rattle can primer do you use?

12 July 2014 - 08:36 PM

Being a 1:1 Custom Painter I don't use any modeling paint because ( I've tried them all) they have to much plastisizers and not enough filler in their formulas for my taste. I am used to having primers powder up nice and not clog the sand paper when I block sand dry. The model paints just don't do what I want them to do because of the high content of plastiziers.


I have found a few rattle can products that perform like 1:1 and can be found at NAPA under the Martin Senior Brand. They are Lacquer based true primer surfacers with a fan spray head and come in 15 oz cans for $12.99 they are # 7283 Red Primer Surfacer, 7284 Hot Rod Grey (it's really black) and they have a lite grey which I don't have the # for.


These lay on so nice, dry fast and sand like 1:1. No reaction to top coats!!!!


Do yourself a favor and step back from the model paint primers!!! You and your builds will Thank You for it!!!!!

I bought some of the Gray Primer. Martin Senour brand #7285 and used it this week on my Oldsmobile. I am very Impressed with the results. As follows  Quick drying, Easy sanding, Great coverage, and a Larger Quantity. I had to Order mine, but it only took a few hours to get it. I imagine they would carry it in the store if I asked.


Thanks James for the Tip on this.