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62 Corvette - Custom, with LS Engine

31 January 2015 - 09:46 AM

Brought together a couple Corvette kits and many random parts from the parts bin for this build. It's a replica of a friends Corvette, awesome inspiration for a project!


Paint is Testors One Coat "Graphite Dust" with "Wet Look Clear" and a mixture of Rust-oleum sprays and Testors sprays and bottle paint. Bare Metal Foil. Studio 27 Carbon fiber decals. Lots of Microscale "Micro Sol". I also tried Walthers "Solvaset", it's very strong stuff and got the decals to conform to the toughest areas.


To replicate the original car I used the engine, transmission, heads, and rocker covers from a 98 Camaro kit, Intake, Water pump/accessory assembly, and engine covers from a C6 Corvette kit. The pulleys and belts from the C6 kit were modified to re-position the AC compressor. A modern Battery, AC hoses, brake booster, and ECM were sourced from the parts bin. Intake was made from solder and rubber couplers are painted tape. Electric fan is from the C6 kit.


Seats were filled with glazing putty and the pattern was carved with an exacto and a dental pick. the metal rings were from the jewelry isle at Hobby Lobby. Steering wheel holes are drilled out. The dash was filled in and a hole cut to fit the modern head unit from a Chrysler 300 kit (yup, the one with Lambo doors and a giant stereo).


The only body modifications are shaved door handles and the side moldings were smoothed and covered with carbon fiber decals. Also did away with the front plate so the brackets were smoothed down to flow with the body.
















The rear Wheels/Tires stick out just a bit much but here you can see they're right up against the leaf spring so without totally redoing the rear frame and suspension or notching the spring, that's just the way they'll stay.



Work in progress here: http://www.modelcars...ic=96450&page=1


Enjoy the pics and comments are welcomed.

Toast's Class of 2014

31 December 2014 - 04:19 PM

Managed to finish three this year.
Revell 1/24 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster
Revell 1/32 Lamborghini Countach with Police equipment from Malibu and aftermarket decals.
Tamiya 1/25 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI
Happy building in 2015 everyone!

LS Powered '62 Corvette

13 December 2014 - 08:08 PM

This is the main project on my bench right now. It is a replica of a friend's car. The actual car has a full C5 drivetrain. The model will not have the full modern suspension so hopefully he never turns it over.  ;-P  I've been doing a bunch of trimming and scratch building to get the engine set up like the original and the car sitting on the modern wheels and tire.


First I reorganized the accessories to match his setup.


The original kit setup



Moved and added some idler pullies and relocated the AC compressor.



The pullies were held in place with tacky glue. New belts were made out of styrene strips. after the plastic weld set I carefully pryed the whole assembly off and was very happy everything stayed together!



Test fitting the engine. Needed to take a little off the fender wells to make room for the new engine.



On the real car the AC accumulator is tucked in the fender so I cut apart some spare AC lines from a couple old S-10 kits and glued them together so they'll disappear just like the real ones.



Bent the air intake out of solder.


Ferrari F40

23 November 2014 - 07:34 PM

Started this Tamiya F40. It's being built along side another project so it won't go together very quickly but I wanted something to post to keep myself motivated.


Planning on building it mostly box stock although I have decided that I'm going to wire the ignition. It won't be very visible on the completed model but I want to display it with the engine cover up.


It looks like it should build up to a nice replica. I wish there was more detail to the under side of the engine cover however. They dont really include any of the baffles that distribute the air all those ducts bring in. Oh well.



The engine itself is coming together nicely.



Stripped some Cat5 wire that looks to be in scale, holds its shape well, and bends easily.



The fun part will be that the two parts come together at a step which will make it interesting to match up the wires.



Also getting the interior started. I am going to use carbon fiber decals to get the correct appearance of the floor and seats.

This is my attempt to replicate the gray carpet that is on the dash.



Comments welcome, happy building!

Lamborghini Diablo Roadster

25 September 2014 - 06:09 AM

Picked up the Revell Snap-tite Diablo Roadster kit to work on along side my main builds. It is a really nice kit and goes together very well. A little painting is all it takes to put together a good looking car.


Painted Testors One Coat Fiery Orange with Wet Look Clear.









Feel free to comment.