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In Topic: July 4th Weekend buildoff

Today, 04:52 AM

Very nice work. Well done.

In Topic: Rat Trailer - MADE IN BRAZIL

Today, 04:36 AM

Nicely done. Very realistic.

In Topic: clear sprays...tamiya or testors wet look...whats the best...

Today, 04:34 AM

I think Snake might be onto something there.

In Topic: Kit identification

Today, 04:22 AM

Great find. I'd clean it up, fix anything broken as best you can. And then leave it as is. This isn't a rare kit and IMHO, it's important to save the old builds that show how far you have come as a builder.

In Topic: Nice Truck!

Today, 04:19 AM

Yeah but can it haul a load of sheet rock?