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Roll Bars Tube Frame Work Side Steps

17 December 2007 - 02:22 PM

ok this is simple forget that method of heating things and bending them and screwing up parts and wasting money!!

from your hobby store

get the desired size tubing you are going to use

get brass rod the fits snuggly to loosly inside this really does not matter nobody will see the rod

insert the brass rod

and bend to desired angle with pliers or your fingers

to attach one section to the next i use crazy glue

its quick and it holds any exess can be sanded later before painting

i will post pics in my album later this week

Making Mud

17 December 2007 - 02:15 PM

3 to 4 tablespoons spackle- maybe more maybe less but thats what it looked like

one small can flat brown paint- testors

1 tablespoon water- maybe more maybe less but thats what it looked like

some disposable chopstix- to mix use whatever you got

one quarter inch brush- this item is junk after, this so dont use an expensive one

one can of clear coat not top gloss-for protection it sealseverything

hairdirer- on cool. spackle in thin layers dries fast

mix all the liquids i used an empty cat food can as mixxing tray

apply with paint brush -

FIRST- I had my model apart I found it to be easier this way remember mud goes everywhere.

1. do a thin layer first kinda brown the truck/or dry brush

2. use hair drier to harden one layer to apply another on top

3. with the brush"here is where it might get messy" get a glob of mud

4. dab and twist the mud on around the wheel wells to create build up

5. hit it with the drier make it tacky not dry

6. do the same thing all over the truck until you have the desired mud effect

7. apply clear coat when EVERYTHING IS DRY

if you mask out the windsheild remember to remove the masking tape as soon as you are done with the mud or the mud will crack it is only spackle

I hope this is helpfull to anyone who needs it here is some pics of the 72 chevy I mudded with this method Posted Image<BR>Posted Image