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"Society's Child" 67 Chevy Impala

10 June 2014 - 01:48 PM

Finally got this done in time for NNL East this year. Up till that point it sat in a box 3/4's of the way finished. I had a real hard time with the fit of the windshield. After many attemps I gave up, till one night when I was in a mood, I said to myself, self lets do this!

Surprisingly In my 1st attempt proved to be the right move. I finished the car the next day.

It is basically built out of the box with the only addition of the wheels which were parts box finds slid into hand painted white wall tires. The Paint is Dupli-color Champagne with black and white interior.

Wicked 66 Malibu

10 June 2014 - 01:31 PM

Just finished this build last week for a friend of mine. It is base on a real car that they love. I used the 66 Malibu from Lindberg and added a few features to make it as close as possible to it's 1:1 model. One of which was adding the 3" cowl inducted hood scoop over the stock ports as well as removing all scripts to make way for the P.E. Replacements. The wheels are from Fujimi with parts box disc brakes. Paint is Krylon Maroon Fusion polished out.

Overall this was a nice kit to build. I have plans on doing one for myself someday.