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It's not the cost, it's the value :)

06 April 2014 - 01:34 PM

Over the past while, maybe 6 months or a year, I notice a lot of people complaining about the cost of model kits, paint, magazines, etc., etc., etc.. 'Oh, when I was a kid, a kit was only $3 and now it's $25'. Yeah, and when you were a kid you made $5 a week delivering newspapers and now you make $1000 a week working full time; everything changes and prices and wages increase. But it's not just the cost of the item that is important, it's the value and enjoyment you get from the item that is more important! 


When I buy a kit, I look at how much I will enjoy looking at it, planning how to build it, imagining all the things that can be done with it and eventually, building it. I say eventually because we all seem to have a stash of kits to build. To me the value is not the immediate cost but the long term enjoyment. 


I was working with a friend selling die cast cars at a car show a couple of months ago and he sells the long term value and enjoyment rather than just the up-front cost. He explains that although an Exoto car might have a price tag of $300, the real value is in enjoying it when you get it home, placing it in a show case or in a display, looking at it every day and having that feeling of fulfillment for many years to come. That is the value of the car. 


I think the same value can be placed on a model car, whether a kit or pre-built, plastic or metal or resin or whatever. If you just don't have enough money to buy the kit you really want, wait until you do. Don't buy a kit based only on the price, buy the kit based on your desires. If you want the new Ming truck and it's too expensive right now, don't buy a less expensive kit just to say you bought something and then spend the next year complaining that you should have bought the Ming kit. Buy what you really want, even if you have to wait a bit to save up. I have done that in the past and I know it will happen again in the future. We are not all made of money but we should be able to enjoy what we buy. 


Now go enjoy your models :)





Show photos - Detroit Autorama and Heritagecon

10 March 2014 - 08:12 AM

I was at the Detroit Autorama this past weekend and then Heritagecon Model Show in Hamilton, Ontario. I took lots of photos at Detroit and a few more at Heritagecon. Enjoy...







Slot & Model Car Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

16 January 2014 - 03:44 PM

Sunday, February 16, 2014...Royal Canadian Legion, Irwin Hall, 11 Irwin Road, Toronto (Rexdale), 1 mile north of Highway 401 at Islington Avenue. This is a vendors only show, no contest, no static displays, Come out, see some slot cars and model cars and buy something and have fun :)