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In Topic: Government Motors is born!

13 July 2009 - 06:32 AM

How do you invest money that you don't have? :blink:

Oh, that's right. You run up the deficit higher than it's ever been in history.

Higher, in fact, than all the previous deficits under all the previous administrations... combined!

Yes but the deficit has been breaking records for about the past 5 to 6 years. When the Obama administration entered office what did they really have to work with? Certainly not the surplus that Clinton left behind. There had already been hundreds of billions of dollars of bailouts handed out. Yes, handed out, not loaned. An unjustifialbe war in the middle east that is a money vacuum for the U.S. taxpayers. So basically what I'm saying Harry is if I hand you my debit card with -$200 in it, how can I get mad when it's in your possesion and the overdraft fees kicked in and now its -$236? Wasn't your fault was it? Absolutely not. Seems like a good analogy of what the current administration has gotten stuck with.

So I'm sorry if automobiles seem trivial to me when every day young men and women are killed and mamed for a war with no reason. Send the troops back home we'll save a lot of money that way too.

In Topic: Back from a yard sale with $2 less than before

13 June 2009 - 02:53 PM

Ya sure broke the bank on that one... ;) :lol:

I see some Leafs stuff in the background... I hope you didn't pay anything over $0.50 for that either. :P

HAHAHA. I was thinkin' the same thing but I didn't wanna gloat about my Penguins too much. But I will talk as much trash on Marian Hossa as humanly possible... for the rest of my life.

In Topic: Back from a yard sale with $2 less than before

13 June 2009 - 08:09 AM

Stealing from little kids now I see.... :huh:
I would have gave him what he asked because it is obvious that the kits are complete. Saddly, you are not providing a good example to that young man regarding what a true modeler is... <_<

Dukesfan didn't say anything about the seller being a kid (as a matter of fact he said "guy"). And if this "guy" didn't wanna sell them for $.50 a piece all he had to say was no. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me. Good score Dukes. And by the way Jairus I hope we all get to become true modelers like yourself. Thank you for all the wonderful examples you've showed us on this message board thoughout the years. :rolleyes:

In Topic: '60 Merc Mild Kruizer

04 June 2009 - 08:41 PM

That's awesome !!! Great restoration as usual Bob.

In Topic: 49 MERC

04 June 2009 - 08:37 PM

Cool Merc/Buick...! I've been wondering since I got the Revell kit, are there two versions; one with the Buick sidetrim, and one without, or have I got my wires crossed....? :rolleyes:

Nah same versions just the original has a huge box . Replicas and Minatures of Maryland makes the Buick side trim for the Merc. So it's not included in the kit in either packaging. I'm not sure but with this modelhaus version I think the Buick side trim may already be molded into the body. Tom can tell you for sure but I'm pretty sure thats correct. As a side note Reps and Mins makes lots of other cool stuff for the Revell Merc. Caddy batwing air cleaner, dash and knobs, interior door handles, nicer frenched tailights etc. etc. And if you've never used their stuff it's awesome and super easy to work with. Oh well now that I sound like an infomercial... :blink:

:lol: BTW I'm pretty sure I told you in person at NNL East how nice it was but once again very nice Merc build there Tom.