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'69 Pro-Touring Camaro

29 July 2013 - 11:28 PM

Kinda bouncing around between projects taking inventory of where I left off.

'69 Pro-Touring Camaro with one of the LS7 crate motors that I had cast by VCG. Everything will be shaved in short order and I've got a couple of cans of Hugger Orange in the stash.


Right now, I've got it mocked up with some Aoshima Model F7 wheels which are my second choice. If I can ever find a good shot of the BBS F1s from the Revell Ferrari 599 GTO with some kind of reference piece for size I'll go that route. In 1:1, the 599 GTO setup is perfect for this project but I've come to not trust Revell with wheels and tires and sizing.

Opened up the grill.

I picked up these airbags years ago from Arrowhead Aluminum. Bellows up front and conical out back. I'm going for a full Air-Ride system so I'll also have to fab up some control arms up front and the mounting system for the rear subframe.


And finally, the LS7 with the T-56 manual six-speed from VCG.


'67 Pro-Touring Chevelle

21 July 2013 - 11:33 PM

I suppose that it's about time to get something on the bench using the new stuff that I had cast by VCG.

Here's the start of my '67 Chevelle project. I'm going with the kit's BBC but dropping the Muncie in favor of the new T-56 six-speed and using VCG's repop of the '67 Imp EFI unit and a set of their 572 valve covers.



Color right now is MM AMC Sterling Silver lacquer. MM Bright Platinum was my first choice and if I can find a few cans locally I'll exchange these for those.

Wheels are some Aoshima Prof VF1s that I received in a trade awhile back. I may widen the back rims and order up a set of wider tires from Ma's Resin.


Other plans call for a full Hotchkis suspension system which means I'll have to fab up some upper and lower A-arms and 4 links out back. I'm also trying to track down a reasonable cowl-induction hood. I'm not a fan of those huge outlaw hoods.

'59 Pro-Touring Vette

09 June 2013 - 08:44 PM

The '69 Nova has me a bit frustrated at the moment so I'll step away for a bit and start up on this one. I've had the '59 Vette for years with no real direction on which way I wanted the build to proceed. That all changed with my trip to the Heartland Nats today. I came across this Revell C6 Vette missing its body but otherwise complete for the whopping sum of $4. Needless to say, I snatched it up quickly.


Given the '59 Vette's separate frame and that the C1 and C6 are nearly identical in wheelbase, this should be a rather straightforward swap.

I'll be drawing some serious inspiration from this SEMA build.


Today's equivalent to Duplicolor Filler Primer?

01 June 2013 - 08:04 PM

In the past, I used Duplicolor Filler Primer lacquer for pretty much all my priming needs.  One used to be able to pick up the big can at WalMart for about the same price as a can of MM or Tamiya lacquers.  It was getting hard to find then but now everything at WM is made by Rustoleum.  Is there an equivalent to the Duplicolor in their line?  Better or worse in terms of quality?  I haven't yet tried hitting the auto parts stores around town to look for the Duplicolor as that was my fallback option when WM was out.

'69 Pro-Touring Nova

23 May 2013 - 07:14 PM

I want to try and finish something for the Heartland Nats so this one is back on the bench. She's about 90% done and was the last project I was working on before I stepped away for awhile. Had I not burned thru the paint while polishing it out she'd be under glass. They've done such a fine job cleaning house around here that I'll post just the highlights of my previous thread rather than resurrecting the old one.

LSx/T-56 crate motor



A couple of interior shots. Custom-made digital gauges and added some painted headlights to simulate speakers.



Tamiya Clear Orange over MM Dark Bronze was the original paint scheme. Had a heck of a time trying to fix my burn-through so it got stripped. Probably black this time around and if I've got enough paint left over from the previous attempt I'll lay down an orange stripe. Otherwise, shaved everything and removed the vent windows.


Added in some subframe connectors.


I've got a long weekend with the holiday so hopefully I will get the body cleaned up, filler fixed that was eaten away when I stripped it and re-shot.