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In Topic: Thank you Gregg.

10 December 2014 - 01:25 PM

Rick, thanks.

Craig, Chris, Bob, Joe, Jonathon, others..., ditto

In Topic: Forum/Web Site Problems

10 December 2014 - 10:35 AM

Yes, there are posts/threads/messages that were lost.

Notice was posted/pinned that there was a problem with the current server.

Posting new topics was asked to be curtailed, until the problem could be fixed.

The migration is done, and the new server is up and running.

Yes, there are some lost posts/threads/messages.

But, warnings were posted.

A final sync was done, but it missed some things. Couldn't be helped.


As for all the complaints and armchair quarterbacking on this issue, let's put it all to rest, and get back to building.


The new server should be able to handle the growth of the site/forum for a while now.

Yes, it's a lot more expensive. It's no longer a "hobby" site. It's a full-blown enterprise solution, that costs major bucks.

How major?

Just go do some research to see how much it would be host your own dedicated server, self-managed, at an enterprise level.

The site gets over 1.4 MILLION hits a month, MILLION.

Over 40,000 unique visitors a month.

Wait, sorry, that was a few months ago.

Now, I just checked stats, it's 1.6 Million, and over 50,000 unique visitors.

As for bandwidth, let's just say LA Traffic at rush over!


Could the "lost" posts, topics, threads be restored?


Are we going to spend the time and money to do this?


Cut and dry.

Plain and simple.

Notice was put on the site.


There was bound to be problems/issues arising, and there still are some.

Still working on reseting some of the settings/records of the server, still learning along the way as well.

A self-managed server is not a DIY'er type of thing.

I get stuck, dazed, and confused a lot, and David is doing his best to knock some cents into me, and do what he can to help. 

(Yes, I spelt sense cents)



The moderators do their best with the time they can afford to give, and they work for free.

The forum wouldn't work without their dedication, and I'm so thankful for all that they do.

Even with all the complaints, egos, and whatnots they have to deal with.


There's no need to post threads, topics, or other discussions on this.


It's pau, finished, kaput, move on.


If there are MAJOR problems that you see or come across, let me know.

Some things will be on your own end, like cookies, cache, refresh browsers, etc.

Try the simple things first.

Your computer was so used to being pointed to the old server, the new one on your system may just need or take getting a kick in the okole to be reset.

In Topic: Forum/Web Site Problems

09 December 2014 - 02:02 AM

The new server is up and running.

There seems to be no problems

There is a problem/issue with the mail servers, so you may not get you forum email/notifications.

Working on that now

but everything else seems to be fine

no glitches, knock on my wooden head.....

In Topic: Forum/Web Site Problems

22 November 2014 - 02:20 AM

We will have to turn the forum off for a while to do a full backup, migration, and then a final sync of all the data here.

Hopefully it will only take a day or so, have to wait and see.

In Topic: Forum/Web Site Problems

20 November 2014 - 03:44 PM

Maybe hold off on any major posting/updates to the forum for a day.

Just look and troll, I know, what? TROLL?

Just for a day

still trying to get it sorted out

and with migration, may loose a day or so of data/posts.