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In Topic: That'll buff right out.... Fujimi 356 needs some bodywork

08 July 2008 - 06:20 AM

I hate to tell you this, but that's not the trunk :lol:

Seriously? I agree with the above posts that it's too far gone. I may have a spare body in much better shape that that one; email me and we can work something out.

Yeesh, I've got a body that looks like this, and you guys are giving me greif over terminology?!? B) Actually, I couldn't decide what to go with - somehow 'hood' just seems wrong on a rear-engined car. Guess I should have stuck with 'bonnet'...

Anyway, final nail in the coffin, looks like there's some sort of weird bend/warp/bulge through the left front fender too (you can sort of see it in the side- and top-views), *almost* like it's heat-warped. Screw that, no *way* I can fix it. Actually, on closer inspection just now, it seems to be cracked across the top there too, like something was dropped across the top of that fender. And I've just noticed, there's a crack running down the left door. This is almost getting comical, like one of those "how many things are wrong with this picture" puzzles! :)

Dave, I'll be e-mailing you poste haste. Just in case you don't have a spare though, does anyone have experience getting spares from Fujimi? Who's importing them to the US/Canada now? Dragon?

Barring that, I've had the suggestion of doing a crash diorama, which I kinda like. What's a good way to simulate shattered glass?

In Topic: Trying to sort out classic kit quality

09 May 2008 - 01:52 PM

Thanks for the info, all. Very helpful.

Over time (and depending on which issue of the kit you obtain) some of the plastic from these old kits has a tendency to become brittle and some of the more delicate detail parts are prone to breakage. Jo-Han milked its molds for all they were worth so some later issues of their kits had very distorted and mal-formed parts; best policy is to look for earlier Trophy Series issues (usually molded in box-art colors) as opposed to the later all-white (or sometimes totally-weird off-the-wall color) plastic.

So (just to get things straight...), older boxings would be more likely to have brittle/broken plastic but crisper mouldings, while newer boxings would better plastic, but rougher mouldings? Is that right?

biscuitbuilder - actually most of the info I was able to find was from you, dug up from the dustiest corners of RMS. B) Amazing how great a resource it remains - the group may have got to hell, but there's a ton of useful information there. And on that note, you've said that the Lindberg Mercedes SSK, tooled around '73(?) is also a nice kit. Doing some digging, I found another release in a box dated 1966. Are there two different Lindberg toolings of the car, or are they both the same kit? (not trying to bust your chops or anything, I just want to know if it matters which boxing I get)

Can Am, sure, I'd love to see your builds. Skimming through various discussion groups, it looks like a lot of people are becoming more interested in the genre. Must be something in the water...