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Minicraft Kit Reviews?

09 April 2010 - 06:59 AM

A month ago I bought a kit from Minicraft called Flaming Flathead with a copyright date of 2009. It is basically a reissue of their 1/16 Ford Model A sedan but includes hot rod parts and their warmed up flathead. The other feature most noticible is the optional fender to get rid of the spare tire well like they did with their model A roadster. I know this is an English company but why no mention of their kits in hobby publications? Are their kits so bad that they don't merit mention? I've never built a Minicraft kit but the ones I have accumulated look pretty good to me. Accurate, well cast and so on. This includes this sedan/flathead. Is their some deep dark secret I am unaware of concerning their kits. I live in Montana so have little contact with other modelers and with no shows within a reasonable distance from my home. Any comments on this kit or any others from the company. I should say I bought the kit on ebay and it is the only place I have seen it. Are the kit dealers also in on the conspiracy?