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In Topic: [HELP] Aoshima Hilux SSR-X

08 February 2011 - 04:37 AM

I am not sure what Aoshima could do to help. It looks like just some parts leftover from another build. It would probably be cheapest just to buy another of the Aoshima hilux kits. I have seen them for around 15 to 20 bucks. The missing body, glass, and tires means missing most of the kit - at least the important parts.

Finding another one of those kits would be hard, as I havent seen anyone building this kit locally.

Not sure why you would think Aoshima should send you the replacement parts? Two years and a kit you obviously knew was missing pieces. They probably don't even have anymore in stock.

I would either get another kit or just throw those parts in your parts bin. You could post up in the wanted section or in the swap trade section if you have stuff to trade I am sure someone here has the kit you might be able to trade for it. You could try eBay.

Also the on the workbench section was not the proper place for this.

Sorry about being in the wrong place, as I thought that this section would be appropriate. My apologies then. :)

In Topic: Its definitely been ages

27 January 2011 - 01:26 PM

Welcome Back, Eric! Good to see you decided to return to school. A good education is PRICELESS! Glad to hear your gonna start postin again, I liked your take on the "Tuner" genre. :lol: :D :) ;)

Still got some WIPs eft hanging, gotta settle 'em first. :lol:

hi,I'm glad to hear you building again.I don't know what a,or when a chinese new year is, but if you are..which it sounds like.Happy Chinese new year to you.I don't celabrate to many things.my sweetie and I only real celabrated christmas the first time in awhile....I enjoyed it for the first time in along time.... so enjoy your holiday.I don't want to lose any more builders,they seem to be disapperaing at a high rate.I'd like to see all the builders build and post there works here.I myself have not been posting what I'm working on.and have stated more posting of my work.I have what seems like hundreds started...but that don't upset me.I'm starting to post more of my work,cause I like seeing others work.so please post when you can.enjoy and thanks,Chris

Thanks a million Chris !!!