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White Western Star Logger

03 January 2014 - 10:05 AM

As part of my resolutions for 2014, I promised myself I'd build more. Shouldn't be too hard, I finished just one for '13, my Road Boss. I started the Roadrunner trailer the same time I got the Road Boss, and originally intended on adding it to a built up Pete 359. I axed that idea after a while, so the trailer went back into the box. While working on the Road Boss, I stumbled on the Western Star reissue, and decided they were a perfect match. I didn't pick up the Star until a few days after Christmas, so it's been a long time coming. Here's where I'm at.




I started off with the engine. Pretty much the same way I built the one for the Road Boss. Cummins beige for the big part, Testors for the rest. I should've done a better job removing mold lines from the turbo housings, but these usually have a pronounced one on the real things. Not a huge deal to fix, so I might. Air cylinders are yet to be put on the transmission.






The chassis was done pretty straightforward. I didn't have any extra frame rails to stretch the rear properly, and I don't want to get to bogged down with the details. So, I just made a pintle plate for the rear, with some gussets. I based this on a dump truck we installed a similar setup on back when I wrenched for a living.





Since we're going for a heavy duty look, I pulled out these Italeri spoke wheels I've been saving for a rainy day. They popped right into the kit tires with no fuss. A quick bath to dechrome, and we're in business.




And last but not least, a glimpse of what's to come. I have a paint job picked out already too, but with the current temp here in SW PA a bracing 16 degrees, that'll have to wait. I don't want to reveal too much, but it will be inspired by a large company with an elephant for a logo. Speaking of companies, I'll be homebrewing decals for this one like I did on the Road Boss.





Feel free to chip in and thanks for looking!



I have a question for you, Tim. On your green Star, how did you go about concocting the dual exhaust plumbing? I want to have dual stacks on this one, and this, like the Road Boss, has a pretty crazy looking exhaust system I'll need to work around.



'64 Dodge 330 Street Beater

19 June 2013 - 04:28 PM

I picked up this Dodge when Ollie's had a bunch of Lindberg kits cheap, I think I paid $7.99 for it. I didn't want to build it stock, the only option on this one. I didn't want to do a really shiny build either, that way I didn't really have to stress over getting it all right. So I decided to let my imagination run wild and with some judicious raiding of my parts stash, here's where she sits.


The engine is the kit block and some other bits, but that's about it. Tunnel ram & carbs I think are from a Revell '70 Buick GSX. I made the deep sump oil pan by grafting on another one from a broken spare oil pan. Alternator is from a '69 Charger. I wanted it to look wild so I painted it Lawn-Boy Green with kit heads done in Testors aluminum. Intake and valve covers are Duplicolor chrome, carbs and pan are Testors gold, yellow distributor cap, and a purple oil filter to represent a Royal Purple piece. I drilled the heads for headers that I'll build, just need to see if I can snake them through the chassis or send them out the fenderwells. In my mind, it's a 505 stroker with Indy Cylinder heads and a bunch of other go fast goodies, it'll be thirsty with those dual Holleys. It's backed up by a beefed 727 TorqueFlight.






I kept the chassis pretty simple. Primer with body color overspray, dusted with red oxide primer to mimic surface rust. I'm shooting for a fairly clean original looking car that's been bought on eBay or Craigslist and hopped up. I scratched up some subframe connectors and did the front suspension up to look like its been freshened up and painted. Gloss black k-member and a mix of silvers for the other parts. Eventually, the rear fenderwells and quarters will get caked with rubber.




Same idea for the body. A little primer, a little putty, a few dings, scratches and other assorted blemishes. I removed the trim from the door and left it and the quarter in primer. The passenger rocker was replaced and puttied, but there was racing to do.  I was going for the work in progress look. The go fast has been sorted out, and the look good is still in the works. Color is Cummins Beige, close to Tan Poly, a factory color. Who knows, maybe it's had a Maaco repaint at some point.





And a few mockkup shots...front wheels and tires are out of the box, rears are parts box Goodyear cheater slicks and 5 spoke mags. I flipped the front spindles for oil pan ground clearance, and the rear will get shackles. I'm still deciding between a set of old school slapper bars or ladder bars too.  





Let me know what you think, and thanks for lookin!