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1/25 Don Prudhomme Army Monza Funny Car

10 November 2014 - 12:47 PM

I built this one along side the Gene Snow Vega. Again, this is a quick build, since I have been really pressed for time lately. 
The most notable thing about this kit was the awful, and I mean awful decals. They were yellowish brown where they should be clear. I had to trim as closely as possible to the "ARMY" letters on the passenger side to make it look decent. I wish I would have known before I put the drivers side on, which went on just like they came. The star decal strip dried gray where they were supposed to be clear. I had to fix this buy using future both under and over the decals. They actually look pretty decent now. And finally, and worst of all, they day after I applied the decals, I found that all of them were peeling away, some could even be easily blown off. 
Any, I`ll stop complaining...for now.  :P  I substituted the newer Mongoose kit frame and front tires for this one as well. Again, the kit wheels were replaced. Wayne`s tutorial was used for this build as well. The red area/stripes of the decals would not do, as they wanted you to apply the red stripe decals, and then try to match the rear bumper. I ended up masking and painting the red stripes. Basic details were added to the engine. Some of you heard my bellyaching about the rear tires not being large enough in my progress thread, but after looking at the pics, I think the newer Revell funny car kits have the perfect size rear slicks for these kits. All said, I really like this as a shelf model, and it really reminds me of the cars I used to see on the track as a kid. 


Almost forgot, LittleMotorKarCompany did the chrome on the wheels. They came out very bright, much more so than kit chrome.

More pics

1/25 Gene Snow "Snowman" Vega Funny Car

10 November 2014 - 12:34 PM

I decided to whip this one together as it was sitting in my parents basement partially assembled for what seems like almost 2 decades, but it is actually closer to 15 years or so. My goal wasn't for complete accuracy. I wanted to replicate how I remembered funny cars when I was a kid and went to the local track with my dad, though this one is slightly before my time. Lots of modifications to this one. The kit wheels had to go, as they are awful. I used the front tires from the newer Mongoose kit as well as the frame. The rear tires are from a recent Revell funny car kit. I used Wayne`s guide for modifying these cars, which is an absolute must IMO. I also had to modify the drive shaft as it hits the bottom of the seat after the mods. As you can see, I terribly miscalculated the clearance needed for the windshield, and had to improvise. I could kick myself for cutting that thing up. Just basic detail was added to the engine, as my schedule is very tight right now and I wanted to get this and the Army car done quickly. I did the best I could trying to blend the red and the blue on the body using paint cans. The decals actually covered pretty well and are mostly opaque, though I had a hard time getting the large side decals to conform. I added a rear spoiler, as most of my reference pictures had something similar. I had to modify the opening for the blower, and improvised there with a pseudo flexible trim pad that I saw in alot of the reference pics I had. If I had it to do over again, I would have cut the buldge out completely, but I was in a hurry. Oh well. Here ya go.


A few more pics:

Decals newly applied are now peeling

02 November 2014 - 03:37 PM

I am building the Army Monza funny car, and the decals are horrendous. I applied them to my best of my ability and appeared to at least be decent once I was finished. It is now 24 hours later, and they are peeling all around the edges. This is even with using setting solution on the back and front side of the decals (not sure they are actually compatible with solution) and warm water. Some of them even peel off completely with little effort. I have tried using white glue or clear coat around the edges, but am not happy with the results. At this point, I am tempted to carefully cut packing tape and put it over them, but I would hate to resort to that. Any ideas?

Accurate size modern slicks - No more Pegasus/So Real slicks?

09 October 2014 - 02:23 PM

What are you guys using for accurate diameter slicks for modern funny cars/top fuel? I was looking around for the Pegasus (old So Real) slicks, as they are close to the correct diameter and fit almost any wheel because of their soft rubber. But it appears Pegasus dropped these, as they are out of stock everywhere that I can find. I was thinking of going with Competition Resin`s FC/TF slicks, but am concerned with possible fitment issues because of the hard compound. I will be using the "super trick" wheels from the Revell Chevelle Malibu kit.


Littlemotorkarco for chroming resin parts?

11 September 2014 - 11:37 AM

Does anyone have experience with this company? How is the quality? How about turn around times? Are they responsive?