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B-17 flying fortress (and the questions that go along with it)

12 July 2013 - 12:33 PM

hey guys


very very long way about but we will be studying the book of revelation in my sundayschool class soon and this is a perfect excuse to build a WW2 bomber

(a gold star for anyone who can find the connection)


I haven't build a plane in decades and I haven't put any serious effort into it, ever



I have no intention of replicating a actual plane so I don't mind if I mix call signals or paint the propeller hub the wrong colour


what I would like to get right is the "look" of a WW2 bomber plane that has put in some time and has the scars to show for it

so, if anyone has any advise on how to weather the thing, or how to paint it (for instance, what colour is the inside of the wheel wells?) i'd love to hear it



oh, when I finally get round to building this will be where the progress will be reported