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26 May 2015 - 04:03 PM

last October the wifey bought ginger for me, a 1971 Plymouth duster with a very weak 225 /6 engine
as it sits today it sports a 360 LA smallblock out of a 1975 RV

I will be building a model of her as close to the real thing as possible
so far the only problems in seeing is the 8.75 rear end that comes with the kit
the duster still has the 7.25 (with open highway gears) but I will build the model with the 8.75 which I am hoping to install at some point anyway

I will try to install the rims in a manner that allows me to change them over once I get different rims on Ginger (which wont be until after I get the rear end and possibly the front brake set-up changed over)

im planning on modifying the 360 to show the proper belt routing and that is about it

a non rally A body dash as found in the 75 dart sport (mislabeled as a duster) and possibly the re-issue of this kit
a set of Holley valve covers as shown below
an air cleaner as seen below



I will be working on this with my 5 year old when my 19 month old sleeps so don't expect to see it move any time soon

1/25 mopar small block dress up kit

23 May 2015 - 03:39 PM

hey guys


im hoping to build a model of my 71 duster and I am looking for a small finned air cleaner and some finned holley valve covers


possibly also some long tube headers




(wil try to post pictures in the next post)