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In Topic: Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite

Today, 02:52 AM

I just received the 2nd round (revised!) test shots for this one, and have permission to photograph and post up pics,  so just be patient!



In Topic: New Model T series

Today, 02:51 AM

Now thats a nice tip, must try that one some day. I belive you do get brass colored paint aswell so one could strip the chrome and paint it.

Clear yellow over chrome plating equals polished brass, Atmobil.  It always has for me. In fact, that is how it's done with model car kit plating where brass parts are needed.



In Topic: New Model T series

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

On Tuesday I got my Model T from ICM. It is a great kit but with a big mistake. The brass parts of the original car are chrome  :angry:. Why!? :(

I wondered about that from the pics ICM has on their site.  Easy fix though!  Airbrush with Tamiya Clear Yellow--polished brass.



In Topic: So, ya wanna build a "Tub" ?

Yesterday, 10:31 AM

The story on that 32 was that it was done as an anti-spit and polish rod before the days of billet-proof and rat rods. It was painted with brushes and a bucket of red paint at one of the street rod events by the owner and friends. Later on those magazine pages were applied in a sort of decoupage method. What escapes me is who did it.... Bobby may be right, Pete of Pete and Jakes? It was like, 30 years ago I think. 

IIRC, it was Jake who built that one.  BTW, it's not a '32, but a '29 Model A Phaeton body on '32 Ford rails.



In Topic: New Model T series

25 December 2014 - 10:44 AM

GREAT NEWS!  The ICM Model T's are in-country.  Ordered two of the kits yesterday, from Squadron.