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In Topic: 59 El Camino

25 October 2008 - 10:13 AM

I am another member in the club that is doing a one month build (MrMike and his Ranger is another). Here is my entry. Some of you may have seen this at Toledo. It was freshly painted, had the basic motor in it and was just sitting on the wheels. There has been a lot of progress so far. Since then, I added BM, finished the interior, wheels, engine and now have the suspension on. Here are the latest pics. Sorry i didn't post any earlier, but that would have doubled the ammount of time I have in it so far. :lol:

Posted Image

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This has been a fun project that has helped get back into modeling. I am glad I picked this kit. Even with how it looks, I didn't have to add or modify it very much. This kit comes with a lot of custom parts and i was pleasently surprised at the amount of engineering that went into this kit remembering how old it is. Pieces fit together pretty well, with a couple of exceptions (like the tail gate). It was interesting to see how when I changed one thing, the impact it had on other parts (like when I lowered it lower than the kit provides). I will try to post more later.


I have an old '59 El Camino model too, that I built about 38 years ago. Makes me want to dig it out and redo it. Good job! Keep up the good work.

In Topic: Possible to remove old water slide decals...Safely?

25 October 2008 - 10:05 AM

Since decal adhesive is water soluble, soaking the body long enough might just work to get those old decals off, but once they're off they'll be almost impossible to use. You'll most likely tear a couple, they'll curl up when they dry and will be brittle, you'll have no easy way to reapply them, etc.

A much better way to go is just buy new decals. Here's one source:


Thanks for the website... They do have a sheet for the "Hurst Hairy Olds", pretty inexpensive too. If I go that route, I better get with it, seems they're (CLOSING THEIR DOORS) for good.Thank You VERY MUCH!

In Topic: Possible to remove old water slide decals...Safely?

25 October 2008 - 05:38 AM

I have never found a way to loosen the adhesive holding decals. Sandpaper is my only suggestion... or paint stripper and buy another decal sheet!

However, that said. Try some experimenting as you have nothing to lose. I would try soaking them in a pan of water the size of the body. Add compounds to the water and let it sit.
Water soluble elements such as glass cleaner, alcohol and even decal set would be my first tests. Have some patience with this process as you want the solution to work slowly.
Keep the solution weak at first and slowly bring up the concentration day by day.
Do one element at a time! Do not mix the elements unless you KNOW what goes together. Wouldn't be good to hear that the process boiled over, melted the body or exploded in your face!

If you ruin the decals... then ask around. Someone on this board must have another set of unused decals.

What is the car?
Oh yes... if you indeed manage to pull the decals from the body... storage will be a problem. I would find some wax paper and lay each on a small square of wax paper and allow it to dry. Then, re-adhear it to the new paint with "future" floor wax. Good luck and let us know what worked.

Thanks for the input. the Hurst Hairy Olds body has been soaking in water for about 4 days. I know the decals will come off now with an old toothbrush, I've done that on models before, but haven't tried glass cleaner, or anything else, for that matter, just warm soapy water. Like you said, I don't have anything to lose. Thanks again!