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In Topic: Lint free cloth

05 December 2008 - 09:25 AM

I forgot to mention I'm wanting this to wipe down bodies before painting.

Yes, I assumed you were talking about car bodies. I use an Anti-static Cleaning Cloth. It works great since static-cling is notoriously one of our worst enemies when it comes to preparing a model for painting; especially during the winter months,

In Topic: Lint free cloth

05 December 2008 - 08:00 AM

What cloth do I need to look for that is lint free? I know hand towels & the like are not the answer :lol:

The best thing I have found to use is an Anti-static Cleaning Cloth. I used these for years to wipe photo negatives before printing and have found they work well on models. You can purchase these online, or at any photo supply store (If any still exist).

In Topic: Three Stooges going back to D.C.

05 December 2008 - 07:55 AM

RadRides,where I come from the car salesman have nothing to do with the price of a car.It is completely up to the sales manager and the dealership that you are dealing with.If a car dealer will only sell a car for $4000 over book,don't worry about them,they won't be around long.I regularly sell vehicles for $2000 or more under book,and yes I am an honest car salesman(as most of us are).And if people are buying cars that are way over their budget,it's because of their own stupidity,not dishonest salesmen.Every day I deal with MORONS who think we should allow them $3000 over book on their hammered,filthy old trade-in,and sell them a totally reconditioned,spotless,warenteed car for $3000 under book,and I'm the evil car salesman when I tell them I cant do it.And as far as buying one of those wonderful German engineered cars(that they're practically giving away)go ahead,and good luck getting it fixed when something goes wrong with it(and you'll be doing plenty of that).It always amazes me how when a car customer will beat-up a car salesman for 3 or 4 hours to save $200 on a $20,000 car and turn around and pay full price for a TV,jewelry,or piece of furniture that has been marked up by as much as 300 to 800%.So lighten up on car salesmen(they're just trying to make a living),and when you run across one who is too pushy,or tries to rip you off,just don't deal with them,it's that easy,just move on to the next dealer 'till you find one who is willing to work with you,and help you get the best deal on the right car or truck for you(and there are a lot of us out here).And remember,if you get screwed on a car deal,it's probabaly more you're fault than the salesman's.

I agree with you. I sold cars at a dealership in Gainesville. FL to work my way through college and I have to say, I was always honest with customers and had no problem selling cars, provded the customer was being honest with me as well.

In Topic: Jerry Harvey AFX

04 December 2008 - 03:41 AM

Ok so I'm going to build my first kit in years. I picked up one of the Model King Mustang AFX cars and impulse bought the Fred Cady decals for Jerry Harvey's "Quiet one" car. The artwork is gold and blue.

The problem I'm having is I can’t find any decent reference photo's of the car....I know I know. Like I said it was an impulse buy. I thought that Cady Decals came with a sheet that had a couple of photo's but the ones I bought came without it. And my LHS dosen't cary them any more. The decal sheet is # 470

Any help would be appreciated.

Just Google Jerry Harvey 427 SOHC Mustang (images). I found several pictures of "The Quiet One"Attached File  RMA6904.jpg   57.32KB   51 downloads

In Topic: Megahobby.com

02 December 2008 - 08:11 AM

Thanks, all. Seems like Tower is the place to go.