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I'd like help identifying a kit maker please.

03 April 2015 - 11:14 AM

I've got a Porsche 917 kit in a Testor box.I THINK it's a rebox of a Heller kit but a model buddy of mine seems to think it's a Fujimi.I lean to Heller because this kit has a full engine(basic,but full).I understand that the Fujimi kit only has enough of a lump under the rear deck to hold up the engine fan.Can someone shed more light on this?

Found a car error in a movie

05 February 2015 - 03:52 AM

This one goes waaaaaaay back. I was watching the silent movie "Wings"(made in 1927) on TCM last Sunday night.The setting of the first part of the movie is just before the U.S. enters World War 1(circa1915-1916).One of the characters(Richard Arlen)is building a Model T speedster during this time.As I'm watching the scene of him tearing apart the Ford(just grabbing fenders and the rear section of the body work and tossing them away without the use of tools-what a hoot!)something isn't looking correct.That's when I realized that the T being used is a car from the early twenties!OOPS!

A big job ahead

12 January 2015 - 06:17 AM

My Mom's house is finally sold and now my daughter and I face clearing out the place.My Mom had accrued so much stuff in the 50+ years she lived there(yeah,she hoarded) that it's gonna take several weekends of sorting out what she wants to keep and what we can leave behind for the purchaser's guys to toss out.Then,of course,of the kept items,she wants to sort through them at my house.I can see already that my house is gonna be a defacto storage locker.We already know that the large items are to go to storage but the smaller things(dish sets,gloves,scarves,etc)are going to clog up my place until spring when I'm having a huge yard sale.I don't wish this task on anyone.Ugh!

Chicago hobby stores

21 November 2014 - 04:47 AM

The D.A.A.M. club will be coming to Chicago(Rosemont) for the muscle car show this weekend and we may do some hobby store exploring.Any good stores we should try to hit?

Wynnscharger kit frame

06 October 2014 - 06:11 AM

If anyone is contemplating the purchase of the Wynnscharger kit re-release,here's a word of warning.Check the kit before you leave the store.I bought one,took it home,and discovered that the frame had more curves in it than the Tail of the Dragon road.I took the kit back to the store and we looked at the rest of the stock.All those frames were warped too.I ended up taking the frame from a Young American kit that he had in the store.It's not great but it's better than any of the Wynnscharger kits.