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In Topic: Baja Bug anyone?

18 July 2014 - 02:05 PM

No chance of a wide-eye from RepMinCo, unfortunately. I may, however, have a spare Revell-based resin wide-eye body that I wouldn't miss, Dale.....PM or email me: plasticman1432@gmail.com

If anyone is seriously considering this body kit from Norm, please drop him a line so he knows the demand is there.

In Topic: Anyone ever chop the top on a Volkswagen?

17 October 2013 - 01:29 AM

On this chop, can the rear fenders be used? It looks like it to me. The fenders on this bug are molded on. I could scribe and remove them if that makes any difference.

Clark's method doesn't alter the rear fender area at all, so yes they can....or you can lop them off and go fender-free. Out of curiosity, what Beetle kit are you using?

In Topic: Ghia/Porsche

17 October 2013 - 01:26 AM

I also hope it gets back to you shortly, and we see more updates.....I'm loving this build!

In Topic: VW Type 34 Ghia Razor back on the bench

17 October 2013 - 01:19 AM

Those BRM's are fantastic.......  :wub:

They look even better in person, trust me. I had a guy ask me if Hideo-San sells the center cap decals separately, and had to tell him those logos are actually machined in(!) and simply relief painted.

In Topic: Bolt heads

14 October 2013 - 04:40 AM

Check out Archer Transfers (www.archertransfers.com); they make resin surface details on clear water slide decal material like louvers, weld beads, rivets and bolt heads. I've recently used their louvers with very good results.