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In Topic: Dodge 9 Car Transporter

15 December 2014 - 12:58 AM

The Dodge is cast by Dave at www.aitruckmodels.com  - sleeper and non-sleeper versions.


The Big Horn stylists had planned a restyle to the COE - but Dodge killed the concept and soon got out of the Class 8 truck business.  I seem to recall that the stylist/engineer who did the Big Horn had his hands on the Diamond Reo Raider too? 




VERY interesting.  Going by the cars on it, that is a mid/late 80's stuff on board and somebody spent some serious coin getting that Dodge up to snuff. 


Dodge, Ford, Reo, White, GMC (crackerbox) all had some homely looking cabovers in the mid/late sixties.  But Dodge had to take the cake with those dog dish headlight bezels.  So ugly they are kind of pretty in an odd sort of way. Obviously the 1000 stylists did not play with, influence, or even talk to the Bighorn hood stylists...or perhaps they were seeking redemption.


Thanks for sharing your prototype.  I would never have thought such a beast ever existed.  Very cool. :)

In Topic: USFS Brush Truck

11 December 2014 - 01:20 AM

I never tire of seeing excellent work like yours, Charles. Looks good so far.

Yes!  exactly what Casey said !!



In Topic: question

22 November 2014 - 12:49 AM

Technically - the the entire Peterbilt portion of the kit with the exception of the frame rails and rear drive suspension is incorrect.  The model kit is a 1980-81 model 359, the CanDo is a 1987-93 model 379.  In 1986, Peterbilt replaced the 359 with the 379 which had all new hood, grille, bumper, lamps, fenders, cab, visor, cab mounts, battery box, radiator, air cleaner intake routing, cooling, steering geometry and gear,  interior, sleeper interior, (exterior of sleeper doesn't had a right hand side door).  The only items cosmetically shared between a 359 and a 379 are the cab doors and mirrors, the sleeper roof, left side skin and rear wall of the sleeper.  Everything else was changed.   The model kit could be as much as 10 years out of date when compared to the real truck.  Revell could have tooled a new cab shell, interior pieces, visor, clear glass and hood, air cleaners and piping and "cheated" on the rest and would have better captured the look of the Stepp's truck.  <sigh>. With all that said..   the kit concept and wrecker is fantastic, and with the right kitbashing and reworking, a perfect CanDo can be built.


On a different note, looking at Claus' detail photos of the real 379 - the firewall appears to be a dark color - this tells me the truck was originally a different color, and not white.   Hmmmmmm.   Curiousity piqued!





The link mentioned is the following:   http://www.truckin24.de


Claus Lassen developed the 'Can Do' wrecker kit for Revel Germany. He also wrote a book about wrecker trucks from the US. With that he give possibilities of what kit to use fro building a particular wrecker. The book is in German language but with a lot of beautiful photo's nice to have. 

He also wanted reveal to make the kit more accurate but the company thought the kit would be to expensive when all the tooling was to be made. The hood is wrong and also the engine. If you sent him an e-mail I'm sure he will respond.



In Topic: question

21 November 2014 - 11:46 AM

The real CanDo is a 379-119 (119 inch bumper-to-back of cab measurement).  The Bill Drennen 379 is a 379-127 (127 inch bumper to back of cab) long hood.


The truck could be replicated easier by combining the Revell Can Do with an Italeri Peterbilt 378 "long hauler" kit.  The 378 hood will need to be modified slightly to resemble the 379-119 hood.   Plenty of kit bashing and modifying between the Italeri/Revell and Revell snap kit (for the Cat engine) and you could have a pretty nice Can-Do.



In Topic: Pete 367, 4 axle heavy hauler

17 October 2014 - 10:54 AM

Cool project.  If you need reference pics on the Ultra Extended Daycab or the 367 - check my site