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In Topic: Candies and Hughes Barracuda

Yesterday, 06:03 AM


In Topic: Candies and Hughes Barracuda

Yesterday, 05:29 AM

Not to high jack but Round 2 is reissuing the Candies and Hughes Cuda?


Is the Polar Lights car with different decals or the MPC mold?


I ask as this and the Garlits rail were my first two kits I built. I know the Garlits rail was reissued but have yet been able to find one to buy.

In Topic: Salt Flats Deuce Roadster

22 January 2015 - 10:30 AM


In Topic: Don Carlton Pro Stock Colt rework

21 January 2015 - 10:32 AM

I have such mixed feelings about the white Rod Shop Colt. I had about a half hour conversation with Don at the Sportsnationals that year. NHRA booted his entry because he didn't have enough division points. He showed me a lot of the features of the car.


Then that summer........


I don't know if I'd want a model of the white car in celebration of that May day or not....


Having said that, I'd love to have a good resin car for a Sox and Martin or Billy the Kid car.





(edited to add the comma.)

In Topic: New Elapsed Times Is Out!

17 January 2015 - 03:13 PM

There's a title I thought was gone. After Source Interlink killed several of their titles, I expected it to also be discontinued. Based upon comments of one of its freelancers, it was supposed to be printed this past fall. I doubt it will be reprinted.


As for Hot Rod Deluxe having too much reprint material, some may consider that a negative while others a positive.


Finally considering the Magic Muffler Fiat.....the restorer claims to have bought the rights to the name for the Magic Muffler chain. He was upset with the inaccuracy of the GMP diecast of this car. I asked about decals for the car and the response was at best very  negative.


If I had a printer, I'd create the artwork......There is an abundance of resources available on-line.