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In Topic: Another Super 7

25 August 2014 - 07:02 AM

Amazing work! I've been following along since you started this build. This just amazes me and inspires me to build better models. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us.

In Topic: Another Super 7

14 August 2014 - 09:11 PM

This build is amazing S.M. The level of detail is amazing and spot on. Keep up the great work!


Harry P. I have to agree with S.M. on the E-Brake clearance as my Fiero's E-Brake when door is closed has .75" clearance between handle and door and .50" between handle and seat. Granted, I have relatively small hands (especially for a man of 5'6"), but a friend of mine who's hands are like a Giant's has no issue with the E-Brake's clearance (just the leg room but that's an entirely different matter).

In Topic: 1976 Chevy Nova Street / Strip Update: 2014/8.12

12 August 2014 - 06:44 AM

Ok, I thank everyone who has been following along this wild ride. This build was suppose to be simple, but quickly turned into a monster.

My 1:1 76 Nova wasn't a standard, so the grill had to go. I took some flat stock, round stock, window screen, and some clear sprue to come up with a presentable representation of a Nova SS grill.



But then it hit me! Those hideous headlights! They had to go! Too small, and looked like doll eyes. So I routed around and found a pair of lights and second hand buckets to go in their place. Much better in my book!


With that sorted, I found a radiator in the spares box, but the shroud was all wrong. So I found a second radiator, but it was too short, but right shroud. I carefully dissected the shrouds from the radiators, test fitted, and then glued everything to the radiator support. Then added a new brake booster and reservoir, and added the side walls. Next will have to be the heater box as after all this, it needs to be correct as well. Also redid the hood latch and support bar. (You can see the grill better in this pic too.)



Back to the bench. Gotta make the radiator plate and a new heater box. Enjoy!

In Topic: 1976 Chevy Nova Street / Strip Update: 2014/8.12

09 August 2014 - 07:35 AM

Those rear wheels look like the ones from the Monogram flip-front '66 Malibu (the black one).  Best Super Tricks I've seen.  I've measured a set of 1:1 rear wheel halves, and the Monogram units are the most correct ones out there.  I'm trying to put together a front wheel that's as good.  The stance on this build looks just right.  How good/bad a job did the original builder do on cutting the body panels?


Amazingly only one goof! Something I can live with and I'm not going to point it out because if I do, then it becomes apparent. LoL I could fix it but I'm afraid of making a mess out of a good job. So I'll leave it as is. Yes, the tires did come from the '66 Velle Flip Front. I'm still digging for a better set of front tires. I'm sure I got a set, just gotta figure out where. LoL

In Topic: 1976 Chevy Nova Street / Strip Update: 2014/8.12

09 August 2014 - 07:18 AM

Thanx everyone for the compliments and comments. Well, y'all were warned. The radiator support wasn't up to my criticism. And to whom ever told me "If you don't like the current mousetrap, then go build a better one!" didn't know me to well. LoL And that is what I did. I made a more reasonable rendition of the radiator support using a few 35mm photos I do have of my Nova. I even scratched out the hood latch support and bracket. Simple, but effective. LoL The hole in the grill is next to be fixed. Mine wasn't a standard grill. ;)





And yes the hood still fits and shuts like it's suppose to.



Now let the radiator hunt begin!! LoL