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In Topic: 2003 Ford Focus SVT/Saleen 10/29/13

29 October 2013 - 06:45 PM

Ok, After doing some searching within myself I'm back on this project! This one is proving challenging, inspiring, and fun! Well I've sorted the wheels, suspension, and some of the body mods needed. The more I build this car, the more it talks of what needs to be done! So on to the pics.


The stance will be close to the way its mocked up. The rear flares I made from the body segments of a scrap body. The tires are stock but I took some scrap rims to make the Polished Lips you see on them.






Rear Body Shot showing how wide the rear rubber is and the reason for the "flares."




And one of the tires off the car.





In Topic: Contest models that got skunked - show 'em!

20 June 2013 - 04:37 AM

The show/contest I entered was one that was canceled back in Feb and rescheduled for this past weekend. Just a local Memphis Hobby Shop hosting something for their customers. When I asked to speak to the person in charge I was told "They are at lunch and don't know when they will return." I finally figured out who to send an email too, but haven't heard a word back yet and probably won't. I took a third car, but had to put it away as people wanted to keep picking it up and I was afraid it would walk away or worse get damaged. A mirror did get knocked off but luckily I found it. Even with signs that said "Do Not Touch the Models" clearly laid out on the tables. I can honestly say that I'll never be back or shop at that Hobby Shop again.


This is the third car:


2006 Concept Camaro Gone SEMA




In Topic: Contest models that got skunked - show 'em!

19 June 2013 - 01:09 PM

I entered two cars in what I thought was just a show. Later I found out that all entries were being judged. When someone called out my entry numbers to explain my builds. I was told that my 1992 Cougar Cabrio looked like it was built by a 2 yr old child. Talk about heart dropping. My other build was my 1990 Ford F350 Extended Crew Cab. I was asked about it and then shot down again this time with harsher criticism.


Here are my two "Childish and Toy Like" builds.


1992 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Cabrio Concept






1990 Ford F350 Extended Crew Centurion Custom




In Topic: 2003 Ford Focus SVT/Saleen 10/29/13

29 May 2013 - 06:36 PM

Ok. I have a small update! It's one step forwards and three steps back as it always is with scratchbuilding a car from something that was originally intended one way but being changed to something else.


The headers are made and seen here with part of the "Turbo Hook Up" system. Made from solder and sprue, it'll work and won't be seen much once I get the Turbos scratched up. You can also see I took a piece of a partial chassis and remade the rear end and wheel tubs. I might still have to flair out the wheel arches as the tires might stick out some. Also filled in where I cut the "seat attachment" bumps in the interior tub.






I also got the gas tank sorted and made a "drop in" section where the tank will sit. I did this after I added some styrene to the bottom of the tank to fill it in made it too tall and it hit the louvers in the hood.





I also did a test and took a spare rear window and cut some louvers or "slots" in the glass to give the rear compartment of the car some cooling capacity for the big block engine.




After doing all this, especially with "re-adding" the rear segment of the frame, I noticed the engine is now too far forward. So once everything is dried good and tight I will have to redo the transmission mounts and move them back to re-centre the axel points in the transmission with the wheel tubs. Like my mother and I's favorite saying. "One more thing... " LoL

In Topic: Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

29 May 2013 - 04:08 PM

Digging through my stash I ran across another stalled project!


This one is a 1990's Dodge Ram VTS Power Wagon. I started with a Resin Body I picked up for dirt cheap on Ebay back in 2005. I got the AMT/ERTL Dodge Ram 1500 "Promo" to build it and didn't like it at all! So I switched directions. I got two Dodge Ram VTS kits for a steal of a deal on Ebay. Then acquired another one at a ridiculously low price at a Flea Market. So I started the conversion, then I had to move. So it got boxed up and sat till 2008 when I started on it again. Again another move and it stalled again. Maybe someday.












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