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Revell's new '68 Beetle

24 November 2013 - 12:59 AM






Am I the first to open this kit? Definitely a new tool kit, with a parts count and similar detail to the great Tamiya '66 bug kit. I don't think it's a '68.The body looks like a '67, while the engine is at least a '71 because of the oil cooler set up and dual port intake manifold. The interior has an inaccuracy with a panel between the back seat and back window that was never there, and I believe the dash was supposed to be padded like a '69. Otherwise everything looks great! Waiting for the convertible kit to be released, so maybe I can combine the two to make a '69 like the two I had back in the day. Other than the inaccuracies listed, looks like it'll build into a great model! Thank You Revell! :)



Quick question about contest judging...

16 August 2013 - 08:01 PM

 Hi everyone! When it comes to contests, you have a nice car but it has those giant toy like Revell hood hinges, is it better to just go with it or fill in those giant holes in the firewall and just set the hood on there with no hinges? Thinking of entering a local contest, (it'll be my first) and not sure which way to go on this....  


Thank you for your answers,