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2010 - 2013 Corvette Grand Sport Conversion

24 March 2014 - 07:01 AM

While waiting for the 2014 Corvette kits (promos now mean kits later, right?), I would like to fill in the gaps in my Corvette display with 2010 - 2013 Grand Sport coupes and convertibles. They would all need the unique Grand Sport front fender vents, nameplate and the 'forked tongue' wheels:




Z06 coupes will provide the wide fenders and hood scoop for Grand Sport coupes, but some plastic hacking would be required to make a convertible version out of the Z06 coupe. Has anyone done this conversion? Are any pieces available in resin?


Also, wasn't there an article by our lost Corvette expert and friend Ismael Gonzalez on combining the C6 coupe full detail kit and the snap convertible? It would be handy just to see how he did the cutting.


Rob? Len? Corvette fans? Any info or suggestions?



2014 Corvette Promos

22 March 2014 - 10:42 AM



Got this today from Bob Reck at Bob's Promotional Cars


I am announcing today that the 2014 Corvette Coupe (Laguna Blue with separate pace car stickers) and the 2015 Corvette Convertible (New Yellow) promos have now been finalized. They will be available in July and August 2014 respectively. I am anticipating the announcement of the 1957 Corvette very soon, so keep checking over the next several months for that announcement. 





I assume this means at least some snap kits also. Now we just need the wide body Z06 and the C7.R race car.


Wasn't the 1957 Corvette Promo announced once before? Anyone have any more info on any of these?

Speaking of Movie Cars...

26 December 2013 - 03:32 PM

...on my list of projects is accumulating, or building, a model of the major cars in my all-time favorite car movie, American Graffiti. I have acquired some (okay they are d** c**t but they are 1:25 scale). I scored a tough one recently, the Hendrix resin of a chopped '51 Merc to do the Pharaoh's '51 Merc. Yes, many folks think the Pharaoh's car is one of the ugliest sleds ever (I agree) but I gotta do it. The question is, what are the wheel covers and does any kit or caster have them available in 1:25?




They look sorta like 53-55 Olds but have that funky 'waffle-weave' or ventilated painted center. Anyone?