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Tamiya Toyota Hiace Quick Delivery -- Motor City Version

27 June 2014 - 09:45 AM

This is probably my all-time favorite kit. I've imagined it as a delivery vehicle for shop named on the side. It has been used hard and has repeatedly been the target of graffiti taggers. I can't really get a good shot of the load area but it holds a scratchbuilt box that looks pretty cool. Lots of weathering involved. 









More photos can be seen here:


Matt Heney, aka Mojodoctor, died recently.

08 May 2014 - 04:05 PM

Some of you may know, or know of, Matt, who usually went by Mojodoctor on scale automobile modeling sites and forums. I just today found out he died late last month and the age of just 55. He was an avid modeler and a super-friendly guy. He was one of those who started a million models and finished few, but kept a spirit of enthusiasm and encouragement all the while. 

Tamiya Toyota Hiace Quick Delivery

19 April 2014 - 07:18 AM

While I'm not generally a truck sort of guy, I really love little utility vehicles like this one. This might be my all-time favorite model just because it is such an oddball yet also a spectacularly useful and adaptable vehicle. I'm doing it up as an urban (Detroit) delivery truck for an independent auto-parts store (decals came from a Revell Firebird kit) that has been the repeated target of graffiti taggers. I'm posting this now because I'm going to be finished soon and because I added these quickie photos to an unrelated thread. So I figured I may as well toss it out to the gang and get some reactions. Here 'tis:



Trophy Bear's Head !?

24 February 2014 - 03:40 PM

I found this today while looking for something else. I vaguely recall finding the plastic parts for the bear's head in a model that my brother had given me. I remember painting and assembling it and mounting it on this wooden plaque, envisioning some sort of diorama of maybe a natural history museum or a hunter's den. Not really sure what I was going for. Any idea where this came from? Is there a series of plastic models of wild animals? 



BMF Headlight Bucket Treatment

16 January 2014 - 02:59 PM

Maybe everyone already does this sort of thing, but I thought I'd share anyway just in case....


I normally use Alclad chrome to create reflective and realistic headlight that is covered with a clear lens. But in this case I thought I might try something else: BMF!

You'll need common modelers' tools that you probably already have. A drafting template with circles is also a good thing to have on hand. 


First, I jammed a piece of masking tape in the headlight bucket (using the eraser end of a pencil) just to get a good idea of how large a diameter I would need. You don't need to be particularly precise here; I just used a fine-tip marker to gauge the rim of the headlight. 


That done, you cut out a circle of BMF of the appropriate diameter.


Cut a radius from the center of the circle so that the foil can conform to a conical shape. (Yes, I know that a radius, by definition, starts at the center of a circle. Don't be so pedantic!)


Insert into the headlight bucket. This takes some care, but not a whole lot; the BMF is pretty easy to work into position and will help you along. Use the pencil eraser, or whatever you prefer as a tool, to get the BMF stuck in place. 


Insert your headlight lens and enjoy the fruits of your labors.