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Round 2 at My Model Car Storage

02 December 2009 - 06:11 AM

Hi everyone,

I still am enjoying watching and reading about your builds. I have been very lucky, some of the guys on here who've bought models from me have sent pictures of their art work, awesome is the only word that fits how they turn a box of plastic into beautiful art!

Jim and his buddy Terry and maybe Brandon are coming over to Daytona again on Sunday the 6th around 10am to help me again in storage. It still is overwhelming when I am in there and its to the point I need help with the buildups some of the boxes aren't marked and I have no idea what they are. If anyone would like to join come on over, I'll have water and snacks and of course about 1,000 models to play with.

Have a wonderful day :)

Hobby & Craft Show in Daytona Beach I will be there

24 September 2009 - 01:25 PM

Hello everyone :)

My brother got this faxed to him today at his body shop..

I am excited because I have been looking for this type of show here in the Daytona area.

I will have a table or two there.. I spoke to them today and it sounds like a lot of fun, they are taking an empty part of the mall and haveing slot car racings as well.. I have a few local friends who do arts, stained glass and hand made beads, I asked them if they would like to take a section of one of my tables.. I AM ALL ABOUT keeping local artists alive!

If you are local I SO HOPE to see you there :)

I hope the link works! Photobucket and I are not on friendly terms lol

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Today at storage with the MCM Guys! THANK YOU

17 September 2009 - 11:03 AM

First off thank you Jim and Brandon! It was HOT and a lot to go through in a short time (4 hours) and not all the boxes were sorted.. I honestly could NOT have done it with out you!! :)

It is a toss up who had the most fun...

I enjoyed watching the guys faces when they first got there as they looked around. I also enjoyed the laughter from my mom and Brandon's mom as they listened to the guys talk about the models and the noises they made when they found one they really liked LOL...

A lot of you all were mentioned and some models set aside, I just can't remember which one's and who wanted them hahaha... You as a group have earned the respect of 2 really good guys and one slightly off chick.

I took some pictures before the guys got to storage but totally forgot to take any more until we were almost done. I'll have to send those to Brandon to post on here because I still can't figure out the photobucket thingiemauhbobbie.

I'm probably going to do this again early November.. I am going to get a table at the Turkey Rod Run here in town and will need help once more before that... Anyone who wants to come on by then let me know.

Thank you again guys! you both are amazing people :)

I am kinda glad I fugged up and posted in the other section. I need to add this

I still am a dink, you ask if I have something, I still don't know if I do or not LOL.. I am sorry, you can ask the 2 men who were with me today, they'll tell you it is the truth.. I really know slightly less then NOTHING about cars LOL.

Starting some models for 1 cent on ebay

07 September 2009 - 09:03 AM

Yes but not for listing them for 1 cent.

I know what its like when you find something you are looking for and have a chance to actually win it.. I bid on a Swarovski crystal Elephant once for a baby shower give, if you didn't know an elephant with the truck up is good luck, it is suppose to face the door to help out all the bad vibes... anyway I remember that feeling of actually haveing a chance of wining one when I list.
oh and I got it for $30 a steal!

It is all about supply and demand and who is looking that week, one very happy guy got a model for 99 cents yesterday.

I figured I'd go ahead and explain why I do it, only one of ya'll have asked if I was insane and he doesn't bid hahaha.

I hope everyone is haveing a wonderful Labor Day!! Be safe :)

Anyone want to come help my model storage?

03 September 2009 - 10:42 AM

Hi Everyone!

It is to the point in storage that I need help with it.

Brandon (Kuztommodels88) and CrazyJim are coming up and over on September 17th around 9-10am to help me out for a bit.. They are going to help me condense, sort, repack and answer my questions on the models. I guess you'd have to actually see the storage to understand why it gets crazy in there for me LOL.

I've sold around 600 so far and there still are around 1,500 left to work through.. some build, some in pieces, some missing pieces, empty boxes, boxes of bodies and of course still sealed ones.

If anyone is within driving distance and wants to swing by to help or just get a peek at the model car madness, give me a shout.

Thank you :)