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AMT 1940 Wiillys Pickup

15 November 2014 - 06:31 AM

This is AMT's latest reissue of the 1940 Wiilys 2 'N' 1 kit built 100% out the box except for one decal on the tailgate.  Base color is Krylon Peek a Boo Blue, followed by a thin coat of pearl blue flip flop, and some urethane clear to seal it all.  This was a favorite kit when I was a kid and it still builds pretty much hassle free  after all these years.  The kit builds into a pretty nice model with a little work...it does need some tweaking here and there but doesn't need a lot of additional detailing to look good sitting on the shelf.  The new wheels and tires included in this issue are a big improvement compared to the old ones. 


All in all, a fun build with a whole bunch of nostalgia thrown in.  Thanks for takin' time to have a look.