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In Topic: Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th

09 July 2014 - 04:01 AM

Thanks for the response Danno, good stuff in there.  I guess Moskov is getting under my skin because I'm the type of guy who likes to please every last person.

In Topic: Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th

08 July 2014 - 06:53 AM

I love it when people have no clue about a person to judge him and put labels.

Fair enough, I retract the troll comment, I figured since you had the time to put the show down but not back your comment up, you were more interested in getting a rise out of people.

Want a response? Here goes it.

I admire the initiative and definitely applaud the enthusiasm to take on an event that can only benefit the hobby. A great idea, very poorly executed and not that very well thought out. Yes, I know, I am not being very PC, but I call'em as I see'em. Besides, the only reason going into this response is to try to point out few things, so hopefully the great idea can be approved upon.

  There is no rule when to make a contest. You can make one on a Tuesday if you want. Also you can do the registration from 4 to 8am if you want. There is common sense tho. People work, have families and don't always live next door to the event. What do I mean? My kid absolutely wanted to enter a big show. So I promised him, I'll take him. I drove almost 900 miles to the Heartland Nationals. But their registration was 'till 7pm and the show the next day. Doable and worth it. Looking forward to next year. 

I understand that this could not be done in this particular case, but still, some flexability could be allowed. A lot of people live hours away from Aurora. So I need to get up with my kids at 6am (given I'm not working) so I can register on time? 

So you were willing to drive 900 miles and (I'm assuming) stay overnight to attend one of the greatest shows, but not get up a little early on a weekend to go to my little deal?  OK... 


Here is the funny thing. I had to drive my dad to the airport saturday morning, so I slept in Denver. After the airport I visited Aurora and I actually witnessed your contest.

Thanks for coming


I also witnessed exactly what I expected. Bunch of people absolutely clueless about model building voting for whatever their 1:1 make is.

Sounds like you were expecting an NNL or Heartland show.  Did I mention this is the first show?  The People's Choice award is a way to get the community involved, whether they knew jack about models or even cars.  There was two classes because I didn't know what to expect for attendance.  I was expecting, no, actually PRAYING for 50, got 90.  BTW, here's what the those clueless people voted for.  Overwhelmingly.  Like, no one else was even close.



I also witnessed kids, mine included, who did not care at all about models when outside were hundreds of cool real cars.

The Mini Cruise was meant to be a pit stop, not a hang out.  This wasn't some extravaganza with demos and speakers like IPMS or NNL.


Witnessed a lot more people in the Hobby shop (where your contest should have really been located, instead in that dark empty room) than at the contest.

The room was not dark, and not empty, it was actually as well lighted as when Colpar store used to be when it was there for 20 years.  The decision was made to keep it out of the store because it was not a stop in the cruise.  Otherwise it probably would have been there, in the dark basement.  I liked it where it was at but it's up for discussion.  I don't know what kind of traffic they got.


Witnessed a guy casting four votes with his family under his instructions for a model that would never even make it into the table at a big show, because it is what he would like to build in real life.

Oh, the injustice of it all!  Again, the People's Choice was for fun and will be a lesser part of the show next year.  I think model builders would prefer to be judged by their peers and I think my partner and I did a fair job picking the best cars.


Witnessed the whole three vendors in there selling hot wheels, one of which explained to me why should I pay for a set about three times what it goes for because it was a hobby shop edition some ten years ago. 

Gosh, sorry I couldn't bring in Hobby Heaven or the Model King in to placate the masses.  Did I mention this is the first show?  I put the call out for vendors locally as well as in the magazines but that's what I got.  They can charge whatever they want, if you're smart enough to know better, kudos to you.


And I can keep going…..


I am saying these things, not because I want to put you down or trash the good you tried to do.

Maybe I'm being thin skinned, but you are and you did.  Not a single good thing pointed out...


I am writing it to point out some general mistakes that could be foreseen with simple common sense.

You need to make it at a convenient time to attract more people participating at a convenient place (bigger exposure).

I guess I set this up much like a real car show.  Morning registration, afternoon awards.  Time suggestions?  Suggestions for a more "convenient" place?  National Western Complex perhaps?  Denver Coliseum?  Downtown somewhere?


And mixing it with a huge outdoor show that is scattered over multiple locations in a large area is a big mistake.

So following the Goodguys Shows lead was totally irrational.  Dang!  And I thought a free car show along with the price of your entries was going to be a good idea.  


  I expect now people to jump on my throat and the name calling to begin. That's fine with me. It is just my honest opinion. 

I hope the initiative will continue next year and I would love to see it grow. 

All the best.



Again, I'm not sure what you were expecting.  Hell, I didn't know what I was expecting.  Maybe people were being nice, but all I heard was positive comments and looking forward to next year.  I spent exactly 50 dollars putting this on.   I did not have a big club backing me up like the other shows around the country do.  My staff was myself, a buddy, and my 2 kids.  The Havana Business District threw their support behind my vision.  They provided the building, the copies of the flyers I had made, and Colpar provided the magazine ad cost and the awards.  The entry and vendor money I collected was split with the HBD and will go toward future costs.  If you can think you can do better with the resources I worked with, hit me up on facebook, I saw you there.  I'm Kristofer Diaz.


This was not an NNL or Heartland style show.  Those are for model builders only, like Comic Con, or a Star Trek convention.  Those are a lot of fun, but I did this for the car modelers and the community.  Modelers got to meet each other, check out other builders, and check out a car show.  The public got to check out a car show, duck in for a little air conditioning, and check out someone else's hobby.  There's a lot of room for growth and maybe things will change, who knows.  I think the formula worked.  

In Topic: Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th

26 June 2014 - 12:10 PM

Thanks for the support everyone.  I had fun doing it.  MRM hasn't bothered to respond so I figured he's one of those types that likes trolling around in hopes of getting a rise out of people.  It's one of the reasons I don't really go to forums anymore. But I'm over it.  Hopefully no one thinks I was putting down IPMS or Goodguys, both put on great shows, I was just comparing them as a measure of my success.

In Topic: Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th

15 June 2014 - 04:03 AM

90 cars at a first time show, not bad. That's more than what I've seen at goodguys or ipms. Looking forward to next year

In Topic: Havana Mini Cruise Aurora, Colorado June 14th

11 June 2014 - 11:39 AM




I don't know.  When's the last time there was a decent model car show at all in Colorado, Sunday, Saturday, or any day of the week.  


I'm gonna try to take your spectacularly useless comment and put a positive spin on it.  


I put this together from scratch to go along with one of the biggest car cruises in the area, 4 miles and 6 lanes.  4000 cars, 10000 spectators.  The cruise starts at 10 until 5.  Every parking lot in the area will be jam packed with show cars and people.  I figured 9-11 will give people time to come in and set up and leave or hang out without getting stuck maneuvering around everyone else.  It's a people's choice so I want as much public traffic to stick their head in and see what us weird model builders do in our spare time.


At any rate, it's my first time putting this on, so silly or not, I'm hoping it goes well, and if it does, make it an annual thing and bigger and better.


When you throw your Sunday model show up in Aspen, post it up and I'll be sure to check it out.


Sorry that your comment brought out the a-hole in me.  I spent a lot of time getting this organized and being dismissed as "silly" hit below the belt.