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In Topic: Can anyone help with this?

04 March 2015 - 07:13 AM

John Heir , one of the Pioneers in Model Car Resin Casting made a '58 Continental kit . All these of the "large and in charge Uni-body Lincolns that out Cadillac'ed Cadliiac" MY's were all 2 dr HT Continential  . The '58 Packards were Sport , not Luxury Cars and there was a Void in the Market . The '57 MY , Packard did not participate in .

   The '58's Lincolns Mark series *(ignored by all) had a portion of body surrounding the Canted Quads . Modelhaus carries both the Top Boot and roof . The Windshield Frame is the same for both choices as the Original kits . If there is a way to restore unstable Cyclonic Plastic , I think it would be well known . Anyone want to try for a "cure": ?   Thanx ..

In Topic: Did modelhaus stop making the original '68 Shelby tail light panel?

03 March 2015 - 10:25 AM

I will come to the defense of Resin Casters NOT having a updated Web site . Why don't you Do it for them if this is so important to you ? The people targeted are the Best in the Business IMHO . You won't understand how a Small Business works  , Resin Casting works , nor how managing a Website works until you do IT . I rather Kevin , the Holthauses , Norm Veeber and a few others continue on with what they continue to do . Time spent on making product and GETTING Sleep and Family Time is just as important than working . I missed my Children growing up being an OTR Driver . I regret this and do not want anyone else to do the same .

   BYW Kevin , you have one interested party in your products keeping up to date with you sir . Kevin , Don & Carol  , Norm , Dave Dodge , Ed Fluck III , and every Caster I've contacted did respond . Even in the days of sending a SSAE for information .. There was one Caster that is a dishonest exception . I will not continue to flog this Dead Horse . We know who he is .. Thanx ..

In Topic: Moebius '54 Hudsons

03 March 2015 - 09:01 AM

I am in for the '55-'57 . Packard V/8's , GM Hydromatic Transmission until the Fire . IMHO , '56 MY the First AMC V/8 ? IMHO , beautiful cars . Way better looking than the '91 - '96 Caprices . I would even be in favor of going backwards beyond the original "Step Down" . You know that Interior Floor design still used in passenger cars today . Along with the HVAC system used today that AMC Pioneered . Thanx ..

In Topic: 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1

26 February 2015 - 08:51 AM

I guess I had better clarify some information here . As a young man , I learned what the appendages are for . A family member owned a '41 Stud without these , originally called "overriders" . I was with he and Dad in a Parking Lot . The Lot was on a Hill . As he parked , before he could apply the parking Brake the Stud lurched over lapping the Bumpers upon another Car without them . Quite a bit of "jacking" Safely (lol) on a Hillside to separate the 2 Cars . "Gaurds" were optional equipment devices for decades in the Automobile Industry .  

   So , when cou;ld we expect the Wagons and Rancheros . I am in for one each ; Ranchero + Wagon - '57 - '58 - '59 . Afterall I did feel compelled to buy the Tri-Five Nomads . Thanx ..

In Topic: Bandit Resins

24 February 2015 - 09:07 AM

I just received my '64 Cutlass Kit from Bandit today . It has been less than a Month . I have no problems ever . This is my 3 rd. purchase , I am happy .   Thanx ..