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Trade Monster Truck parts for factory Stock

Today, 10:37 AM

I have a Dodge Ram Monster Truck kit , complete with box (rare for me to have the Box) and decals I want to trade for the Stock Suspension , two wheel drive set up and grille divider I've seem to have lost over the decades . The Filler panel between the Grille and bumper with the front TS/ PL inserted on the ends . 

   You will have the two short driveshafts , all the suspension and 4 WD Military Diffs . Tires and wheels included . Just want to trade for Factory Pieces , This includes the Staggered Sump Oil pan used on these Monster Trucks and Blower ect ..for stock parts . I want to build a Stripper Tribute Build .  

  PM me .. Thanx ..

up for trade

13 September 2014 - 06:22 AM

I have some hard to get parts , like Hen's teeth  :

    Front cover - Hood for AMT Cavalier

    Dashboard for - Renwal Renual Dashboard (seeking the same Series Packard Grille)

    Rear panel for a Revelle 240 Z Datsun (seeking the front suspension only for any Z car or a Glue bomb)

    Rear Floor for Lindbergh Triumph Tr 6 GT +

    I have more parts like this . Included are many Body parts . What are your needs . I have Competition Parts as I only build Factory Stock . I have a list of wanted parts I seek too . 


    I have a Started '55 Chevy Street Burner . I took two days to sort out every part is in the Box . I do have a question ?? If the  Powerplant is one of the "Earth Shaking - to be feared - only way to win - perfect and NEVER BREAKS Chevy BB , why does the kit have "P O N T I A C" on the valve covers ?

I'll trade this for ; a Glue Bomb '90-'92 Mercury Cougar Revelle (actualy seeking tow of these) , '80's Ford EXP AMT , '64 GTO Polar Lights , Austin Martin BD 6 Aurora , Jaguar XXSS Revelle , Toyota GT 2000 Japan Inc. As long as most of the pieces are there , I'm in for a trade . If not , I have a longer list of wants .  

   I still have 3 Big Foots and 3 IMSA Mustangs up for trade .

     We are moving in the Spring . I would rather move stuff I want to keep over unwanted Trading Fodder . I'm sure you all understand this .

   Thanx ..

How do I get hold of ?

17 March 2014 - 10:11 AM

Allan Raab @ Ma's Resins is mission Impossible for me . I've tried his contact addy many times . Now , at this time I cannot even find it . I've been after two sets of Non Skid for about 3-4 years . I build Factory Stock , Veteran , Antique . Vintage , and Pioneer  Cars . These are perfect for the early 20's .

   Hallppp ... Thanx ..