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In Topic: GMC s15/sonoma Updated 7/3/15

07 March 2015 - 12:36 PM

Actually i do have an update on this truck. I have gotten out of the hobby because i don't have the time to build anymore. Just trying to save as much money as possible before i go back to school. But this is the last thing i have worked on, i might finish it before the summer but don't count on it.










I used a aoshima Toyota hilux for its frame, but cut and shortened to fit the s10 wheelbase. I also cut out the frame so i can fit a motor in there. I used a syclone front grill and modified it to fit the s10 bumper so it would resemble a stock s15/sonoma grill. I've still got a sealed kit to build as a stock truck, just decided to do something different with this one.


I wish had more time and money to build, but right now my priority is my schooling, I'll probably come back at some point but once i finish school 1:1's will be my main priority. 

In Topic: 50 ford pick up

03 June 2014 - 03:55 PM

Thanks everyone! This was my first attempt at weathering with this method, I think it came out pretty well. Still not finished with it either.

In Topic: 99 Sonoma

26 March 2014 - 10:42 AM

Well here is an update on this project. 

I've got the cab pretty much finished, Just needs a little more fill work and add some trim for the rear windows to sit on. 
Now I've been working on the front end, I've got the front grill almost done, and the bumper is started. The bumper still needs alot of work. I have yet to start the headlight housings.
And some interior parts and rear bumper from a revell 99 silverado, still need alot of work to fit and look like the 98+ interior in my truck. I might not use the door panels, I'll see.
Also shaved the rear gate since that is a modification I want to do to the 1:1 eventually.
I plan on finishing the cab and front end and then onto the interior.