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12 November 2009 - 02:53 AM

Well first off it wasn't your money,and 2 if you payed alittle more attention and went and looked at my profile on here my REAL name is on here in my e-mail!and as far as your oppinion on them or there products,who cares!as far as what I paided for it is irrelavant!everyone is bashing one person on here and you bring these people up and I get a BOOHOO,well heres the bottom line if you sell someone something and its not right ,THEY FIX IT,Thats how you run a business correctly!HAVE A NICE DAY!Steve Ketterer! :lol:

Whatever any one says - we have tried to set recored straight regarding AFX and us. We found him selling his stuff at a flea market and purchased it to sell. The product was great to us and so we would go every time could to get what he had and that was all we sold on ebay. if someone ask for something special we would ask for it the next time saw him at market. Again we tried to run our ebay account with the best service as possible.
As far as your purchase ketterer3462 - i have found your ordered car and you paid through paypal a total of $52.01 which is the purchase price of $46.01 + the s/h fee of $6.00 to equal $52.01. As we have stated we will refund you your money and since we can not get any more from wendell or monica to replace it there is not much other options for us to make you satisfied. If you get refund - can you make that car work? This way you will not had to pay for it at all. Is there any other suggestion that you have that we can correct your problem with? Sorry about the product you received but we did not make them just bought as is and sold as is. On refund do you want sent via paypal (like you paid) or via a money order? Please let us know when can, so we can resolve this in timely manner. Thanks from the xtctlc collectibles e-bay account. Terry & Maryette Pedersen.

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09 November 2009 - 07:25 PM

Ok well who and how are they getting away with it on there?I wasn't personaly attacking anyone on here I'd just like to know how to get ahold of them,as i've had no luck on the other sight!I do know however that whom ever is selling the stuff has been kicked off or closed and reopened there accounts atleast 4-6 times now!guess I'm just out $71 ,very sad for people to run a business like that!and by the way thats funny you said june/july of this year,well thats when I won the thing!I got the dates mixed up!you can even look it up in your RECORDS!it was for a 72 Demon body kit!I won it for $71!I geuss everyone on here that has been burned or recieved JUNK products need to report AFX,to the BBB,this reminds me of the AAM issue from the 90's,but atleast he tryed to get things worked out with people,not take the money from people and Laugh all the way to the bank!So this makes me sick!From now on i'll just deal with repitable resin dealers that are in it for the customers and the hobby,not how much cash they can get off people,Thank You to all the REALLY talented resin casters out there,AFX,well you know where you stand!

Be happy to check out our records for your order. Send us a e-mail from your order item number and if it was us (xtctlc) then the email will come to us and we can assist. If we do not get e-mail then it came from someone else he sold to. Or if you feel comfortable leaving your name / ebay account ID on here we can review our records that way. Sorry - We are however very honest people who got tied up with someone who had a bad reputation and was not aware of it till after the fact and now we are not offering any of the items and still getting bashed by people so we are a little touchey. We only sold the items that we were able to get from the maker and did not sell if not in our hands. We made every effort to please all buyers with what we sold. If you received from us then we will correct your purchase. ? why did you not say something when made purchase and received it that there was a problem. Thank you for your comments and yes it is a shame there are those who make things have a bad name.

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07 November 2009 - 04:48 PM

I won a 72 Demon back in feburary,Off of e-pay,and let me tell you that has to be the roughest body I have ever got in resin!,plus half the lip below the taillight panel was ground off!wheres the quality control,So who ever is selling this stuff ,send me a new body,or refund my $71 I paid for that PEICE!I'll countinue to buy from HONEST people ,but I tryed to contact them and they told me it wasn't there problem,and It was the XTCTLC vender on there!so keep your money,I'm so tired of some people on here and other places taking our hard earned money and ripping us off,so who ever sold this to me,do the right thing a replacement or refund! :angry:

SORRY, but xtctlc collectibles did not start purchasing and selling his items until late June / First of July THIS YEAR 09 and presently not selling it. We WERE NOT the ones he sold out his website to and when we purchased his items -- we only sold what we had and everyone was given what ever customer satisfaction needed to please them. The one person that we could help out that got burned by Wendell & Monica is a member on here and has written a comment regarding getting his parts. TALK TO HIM. But since we can not get any more parts from Wendell & Monica then our only comment is : for any that need corrections made that came from Wendell & Monica or the actual person who had his website to contact them from his website on e-bay its_all_about_money. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT TOO!
If any had problem with product that was purchased from xtctlc collectibles from our dates of selling to contact us and we will honor our promise to make satisfied/refund after verifing purchased. We have completely keep all records of every sell and every person that purchased. But currently since the beginning & last item was sold by us - there has not been any one with a complaint that has come forward that was not fixed to satisfaction. Again THANKS to all who had purchased from xtctlc.

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31 October 2009 - 06:01 AM

Items was being sold out to XTCTLC Collectibles and we were doing best of getting everyone who purchased the best customer satisfaction. No complaints. But Wendall has decided to take and re-open account on e-bay on own. All can check out his site: its_all_about_money.

Sorry & thank you to all who purchased through us but this was not a decision by us, They felt they needed to handle on own again. Best of Luck to all Seller and Buyers!

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31 October 2009 - 05:55 AM

So you mean he is not selling to you anymore and is selling himself again?