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Nason 2k Urethane Automotive Clear Coat Question

08 April 2015 - 09:11 AM

I have many older NASCAR builds from the past 20 years and have noticed on some that the decals are starting to chip in spots, mostly where solvset was used to help them snuggle down in nooks and crannies. When originally built I did not clear them with anything as I did not think about having problems in the future. Now I want to try and protect these from any further damage. After doing some research it appears that Nason 2k Urethane may be the way to go as it was mentioned on another board (I did ask about this there but did not get any responses as it was a the bottom of a previous post) but need to know if it will attack the decals. I understand that there is always that risk with anything but if I know it is too hot from the beginning then I know to move onto something else. Because they are already built spot test is not really an option. For most of these I have a second set of decals that I can use to fix the problem areas but do not have any of the paint left (most were painted with Metro and Testors Racing Colors) for a true test and only having one set of decals, if I fix the spots that are bad then I don't have another set to redo the car if necessary.


I know many will say to use Future but I have tried it in the past and was not satisfied with the results. I am also not 100% positive about it yellowing, you hear many say I thas not yellowed on them and they have 20 year old builds and others say it yellowed on them after a year or two and most of my builds have white on them.


I am really at a loss on where to go from here and think automotive clear is the way to go as it should not yellow over time and will also offer the protection that I need.


I have spoken with several of the local paint shops and they do not offer any real advice since this is out of their subject realm and most said the cannot sell to me as I am not in the industry, while I can get Nason shipped to me from an online source.


Thanks for any help or advice,