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Just home from the hospital Doc says I need four weeks to recover

26 February 2012 - 11:24 AM

Surgery on the legs (sore as hell) but everything above the waist is fine and I happen to be a model car builder . So the marathon begins tomorrow. I have just finished the Mobius Hornet and have to say it was one of the most pleasurable buids I've ever had . Congrats to them on an outstanding kit . I have the Historic racing miniatures trans kit for the Ferarri 330 P-4 (Fujimi) and the Ford GT-40 and was thinking about one of those . Also on deck is the rereleased 76 Gremlin kit from round 2 ,now I need ideas for a third . I usually build in series of two or three at a time , so I'm looking for idea's . I probably should finish any old projects I have going , I'm sure there are a couple lurking in the basement . So thats it , kinda looking for ideas for the next session.
Take care and see you around the clubhouse
Steve D.

Superbird's and Daytona's what are the best kits ?

19 February 2012 - 01:10 PM

Am planning to add a couple of these to my collection any info would be appreciated .
thanks Steve D.

New issue on the news stands.............

21 January 2012 - 05:59 AM

I,m a regular subscriber ,I guess I'll have to wait a couple more weeks for mine . Ah the advantages of being a supporter of the mag.

Revells new funny car kits

22 July 2011 - 05:05 PM

Revell’s new trio of Funnycar kits
I have just completed a build up of these three kits and the following is just some casual observations I have made on each one .
Roland Leongs Hawaiian
First of all if you are planning a real nuts and bolts replica with full blown detailing make sure you first get some pictures of the car at a particular event . I picked mine up at Michael’s in March , and just built it out of the box . There might be an issue with the color call outs for painting as the instructions say the interior tin work should be painted black . The tin work should be silver or natural aluminum . Also there is the glass work that should have a blue tint . ( I found this out just before installing mine and dusted on a coat of Tamiya clear blue.) Having read the reviews , I noticed someone making an issue of the hatch cover on the Hawaiian . While it might be out of place , I would not putty in the cover unless I was going to scribe in a new one . All funnycars had the hatch (usually with a mirror) to assist in backing the cars up after the pre race burn out to warm the tires . I think an out of place hatch is better than no hatch .
The only problem I had with the build concerns the rear end . While dry fitting the rear end parts I noticed that the steel axel supplied with the kit was just barely wider than the rear end piece . So I simply cut a piece of brass rod as a replacement . Easy fix right ? well no , as it turns out . If I had narrowed the rear end piece a tiny amount (not enough to affect the mounting of the disc brakes) I would have given myself enough clearance for the body at the rear tires . As it sits now you must take care when lowering the body down over the chassis because of the rear end width . (the judges will LOVE that one)
This kit along with the CHI TOWN HUSTLER are great kits in that they show another couple of versions of the types of chassis that were being run in this period . Even though the kits share the same tires and some of the same body parts they are two completely different kits .
This kit went together like a dream . The only thing with this kit is that I “imagineered” the plumbing and wiring on the kit . If I had only known about all the info coming in the latest mags I might have gone that way……..maybe I’ll just build a couple more…… they are that good.
No problems with this build , and the decals for both kits are top notch , and that bring me to the
MONGOOSE “75” Plymouth Duster Funnycar
This appears to be a rerelease of a funnycar kit with a new body and tinwork for the Duster . The reason I know this is because all the parts are the same as the Revell/Slixx generic “70’s” Charger funnycar kit that I am currently building . (another Blue Hawaiian)
On this build I really wanted the decals to pop so I figured I had better paint the body in three colors , red , white , and blue . When all the major decals on the sheet are white and they are going on red panels there is cause for concern . After painting this became apparent. The decals on the side panel that were painted white underneath looked great . The white stripes on the tops and the GO NAVY decals on the hood and side were translucent . Cartograph oh cartograph were are you ? So it’s off to Michaels With my trusty 40% off coupon for another kit and set of decals . I ended up decaling over the white stripes and the GO NAVY decals on the hood and sides ala Fred Cady . While I’m not thrilled having to buy another kit , it came out so well , I’m not going to complain , but thought it should be mentioned . The only way to avoid this would be to paint white under all the white decals turning what would otherwise be a great kit into a monster . (or stick with pink markings)
So if you plan on building this kit plan on either two sets of decals or some fancy masking and paint work . The other option is SLIXX decals , which I will be looking into , now that I have a kit without decals . The rest of the kit goes together well and there are no surprises . This kit employs the “straight Logghe bros. style chassis that was very common in funnycars of the day . The difference between most cars was how they they set up thier fuel and cooling tanks , so again if you are doing a replica keep this in mind .
All in all this is a GREAT series of kits and I will be adding at least a few of each to my collection ….hmmm ……..no matter how fast I build , I can’t seem to get my collection to shrink .
This weekend I’m going to figure out how to post pic’s if it kills me.
Take care and see around the clubhouse