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Ford Motorsport Mustang IMSA pictures

13 October 2009 - 06:27 PM

I stumbled upon these pictures a while ago, and I was just thinking someone could find them useful. I didn't know before seeing these, but there's actually two versions of this car, one that differs quite a bit from the version that Monogram made available as a kit. So if you have one of these on your shelf and are looking for something interesting to do with it, you could try scratchbuilding the one with the updated aerodynamic bits. (I can't scratchbuild much, especially since I have no sheet styrene. :lol:)

The 16 car looks just like the kit, and the 6 car has strange wheel openings, new wing, and the doors stick out to match the fenders. There are some other slight changes also.

There's also a few pics of a red one that is slightly different from the Miller version of the kit, with more red on the hood and fenders.

http://s907.photobuc.....port Mustang/

First Post...

18 September 2009 - 06:19 AM

Hi, I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now and haven't posted yet. I really like to see the finished models that everyone turns out. It's just amazing how realistic they can be. I'm nowhere near as good as most of you, but I try. :lol: