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Very clean and clear!

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07 October 2012 - 05:18 PM

I too just got this kit. THANK YOU Moebius Models and Dave Metzner for this kit. Seeing how I've been a semi trailer mechanic for going on 22 years (already! geeeeze time goes by quick) I can say there are alot of accurate details.

There are two main flaws w/ the under carriage. First the crossmembers should be i-beams. Second. Look at the floor assembly if you have kit this already... On the lower rails (sides) you'll see sets of 4 rivets. Each crossmember should be centered in between these rivets. Why? On the ends of the crossmembers are plates that are about 6" long and 4" high 1/8" thick welded on. These four rivets go thru those plates attaching the ends of the crossmember to the rails. So basically call that "curbside" Speaking of rivets... There aren't any on the sides but that's no big deal.

The brake drum details are dead on! It is really cool that they've got the holes in them for the lugs nut studs! Why? You can use these drums for templates to drill out the holes in rims for lugs. I'VE ALREADY DONE THIS!!! If you get a resin BUDD rim just use that drum to drill out your holes then paint your rims. Go get some scale bolts and paint them black an you have clean lug nut detail!

If you want to relocate the bogie or slider. You'll have to drill two holes in the floor for the air mounting tabs. I've had the mis fortune of replacing many, many 1:1 Vantraax slider frames and I can say the air tank mounts to the bogie frame. You can use some angle /c-channel styrene to make the mounts. From what I saw the tank may have to be shortened for clearance to make these mounts.

I saw someone comment how there wasn't any lock pins or release linkage. Use some solid round stock to make your pins. As far as the handle goes that can be easy. The option for an air release is availiable. Basically there is a push pull knob/valve that is bolted to a small plate that's welded on the roadside front corner of the bogie. If the trailer brakes are released ( red octagon push/pull valve on the tractors dash is pushed in the valve that releases the pins will not work. Obvious reasons. (You wouldn't believe how many service calls I went on becasue the driver couldn't get the pins to release for the simple fact he and a few shes only set the brakes on the tractor and left the trailer brakes released) When the brakes on the trailer are set. The valve will work allowing the driver to release the pins to slide the bogie as needed. On my model I intend on making all the linkage for it up inside the bogie. Not just make pins.

Another thing about the suspension. The bogie frame can easily be modified by using whats called a frame stretcher (HA No I'm just kiddin' there) You can cut the frame and then section in as needed to get the desired spread you want. Beit 8' 9' 10'. Use some strip styrene and cover the holes in the slider rails and you're set!!!

This kit reinds me alot of AMT's Fruehauf dump trailer. Built box stock you can have a fairly accurate model. But If you're already aquainted w/ 1:1 trailers you'll have a blast adding the rest of the details or making it to your likes!!! If you're not aquainted there's a WWW just full of ideas that will help!

Something else handy about this kit are the rims. Because they have the hub/lug covers on them they can be used on a tractor if you choose to put other rims on this.

As far as the doors I was really hoping that the lock rods and hinges would have been seperate but no big deal. I've made hinged doors before which I'll post a pic of so no big deal.

I litterally could go on and on to how well this kit can be detailed!

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07 October 2012 - 03:35 PM

Great review, hope mine soon gets here with the mail.

Just out of curosity, but what is an "Dutch maid combo"??

Gr. Christiaan

Dutch Maid is a trucking company near Willard,Ohio in Huron county.